BEHOLD ! Dumpster Fire is Recruiting NEW and RETURNING players ! Message Chrux Nation on Shards of Dalaya Discord !


Dalayan Adventurer
Since Dalaya's Beginners is pretty much dead most the time my guild and I have taken to "adopting" all the new peeps and old returners ! So shoot me a msg and I will invite you to discord and the guild ! We are 200% casual and just try to have fun and help the new peeps and old peeps so hit me up ! Will be around all the time except today until tonight ! So HIT ME UP for loot or xp or w/e =) . We make the game a team effort and are doing quite well so far come have some fun with us =).
Discord info is if that dont work message me on Chrux Nation in Shards of Dalaya Discord please. Go ahead and message Jontrann or Cptmcswifty or Qweed or Kyryyn for guild invite to DF everyone is welcome we are all equals in this discord no drama.
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