Bard Dot Stacking


Would it be possible to make bard dots stack (damage alone, not the debuff, of course). Months back cyzaine had mentioned something about this as well as making scitterpox stack. Well scitterpox stacks now, however bard dot's don't. And being that ikisith has largely negated the use of the -resist debuffs on the dots (most mobs resists are either really low, or immune, with very little in between. And if it's high enough that people are having issues landing spells with resist adjusts, bard dots don't stick anyway).

Basically a second bard in a group or raid manages to bring even less to a group now than they did in the old world(where it is generally considered kind of meh in most situations anyway); letting dots stack would at the least increase the second bards dps to match the firsts.
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