ATTENTION! New group/raid invite system needs testing. What's in it for you


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Here is something. (Off normal server, will try it on test server sunday)

Someone dies in your group, in a raid. They have empty HP bar.
You can target corpse with this, summon corpse, and rez.

If Raid composition changes, the HP bar becomes greyed out and you can no longer target corpse for dragging
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Zone crashed OG around 20:33 on test, unsure what did it, possibly someone reloading a char that was already in, or inviting on Erude after summoning a pet following a rez.


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Test on server:
Aquia invites Grahf.
Grahf Suicides.
Grahf's HP bar empties and is targetable.
Grahf finishes zoning.
Aquia invites Yuttas.
Yuttas accepts.
Grahf's HP bar greys out.

I tried /cm refreshing on Aquia
Group broke.


I also noticed this.
Form group at tables in Elael with 2 and 3 (did two tests)
Port to mistwoods, once in zone group is not intact.


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When forming raid, both my group leader and my box in group two were given the message: "You have been removed from the group"
Neither were removed, maybe just a bad message.

**Found that if you /invite #playername across a zone line, it crashes the zone the group leader is in
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Good find Rora, was able to reproduce the crash. You get fame credit, or should I give it to someone else?
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