Announcement - 2.5 is now in "Soft Launch" Open Testing Phase


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I just want to thank Secrets, and the rest of the team for all the hard work they're putting in! I think 2.5 is going to actually get me to come back, for a couple of months at least.


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Attempted to delete a name hold character to make the character into what I wanted. It is level 1, and when attempting to delete it disconnects me.


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The beta server has been "Down for maintenance" for a while now. Open or not, I think the dev team has been too busy with real life to fix the resource hog problem.


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Actually it is (mostly) up. I should update that MOTD heh. We have addressed most of the resource hogging, though a couple of zones (WTF gfay) are still vexing.

We are indeed flooded with some RL things, but equally an issue is needing to take care of some Live things. So yeah, 2.5 isn't getting all the love it deserves ATM, but it's still a priority, I swear. :)


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Wanted to try this out. Seems Athica is down as of the date of this post. Makes testing very difficult


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Hi everyone I'm in dier need of help I have been getting this error I have reinstalled eq like 6 times done the path that you guys said to do I was getting that no zone file. Clz whatever and now I'm getting this. No. Exe file been at it for 4 hrs and cld someone please help me out wld be much appreciated


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