After much thought...(retiring)


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I've decided to officially hang up my connection to SoD. The game holds nothing for me anymore and i will let it fade into a distant memory.

That being said, i have a slew of accounts with decent characters up for grabs and im willing to give them a new home (along with PoA email ownership) The best of which include:

Crynel - Warrior
Reinhardt - Rogue
Faylahs - Necromancer

If heavily interested contact me in discord from the sod channel (Reinhardt)

To my old guildy-bois whom i enjoyed many years of raiding, im sorry if i was an jerk to anyone. I hope you have fun in any future adventures. I am done here but hopefully i wasn't totally insufferable.

Edit - Accounts have been claimed -
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All good rogues go to rogue heaven. See you there, buddy. It’s also known as ranger hell, so you’ll see some other people there, too.


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always had fun playing with you man, best of luck in whatever life has in store for you. maybe someday i'll be free of this game too.


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later rein. always a good guy in my book. will never forget the endless hours in citadel - lleoc, zurkka, reinhardt, versul, and some cleric whose name i forgot. good times.
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