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With a recent focus on lower end content in terms of new adepts and bounty gear, I think overall the lower end progression has seen pretty positive changes. One thing that could possibly help this a bit more is the respawn length on adepts. After having recently done most of the adept progression in the game and getting feedback from other players and myself, the current respawn timers on adepts can hinder progression quite a bit. At the higher level adepts I can understand having a long respawn timer, but to wait 12 hours for a level 4 mob to spawn seems a bit out of line and doesn't seem to follow any trend. I've found quite a few people staking out near an adept for hours waiting for a chance at an item only so they can continue leveling up and moving on. If you factor in all the things that go into an average person's play time like work and time zones, etc. there's a good shot you may never catch this mob up.

The trend I've noticed is:
Level 1 adepts - ~6hr
Level 4 adepts - ~12hr+
Level 7 adepts - ~8hr
Level 9 adepts - ~7hr
Level 12 adepts - ~7hr
Level 15-45 adepts - At least 36 hours
Level 50 adepts+ - Anywhere from 3 to 5 days

Edit: Here are current timers, excluding the most recent 5 adepts that have been added (Courtesy of Grinkles).

Doesn't sit right with me that some 65+ raid tier content is respawning faster than adepts are. Personally Rabb seems like a mob that should be up every hour and not every 6. Possibly set a cap on adepts < level 45 at maybe 8 hours? And have them decrease incrementally as they go down? Open to suggestions as I know many people haven't done adepts much, but I have met several people at each adept level that have a hard time catching them up at the current rate.

Edit: Here is a proposed standardized spawn system, (Max engage) / 2 = New Respawn (in Hours).

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A suggested idea was having a standardized respawn. (Max engage) / 2 = Next respawn in hours. Possibly keeping the final 4 or 5 mobs a bit extended could work too.


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They are nice visuals.

Also, I very much support this. I've been very casually playing on SoD for about a year and half and am still not 60. Just hitting all the adepts I can, they are fun and a challenge.
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Yeah to my understanding adepts have been sort of a "casual/flavor" type of mob that drifts away from standard exp/gear grinding and questing. The items they drop aren't out of line and offer a good bridge for players to fill the gap before diving into something else like the brand new bounty gear that was added. If you look at the community/project adept bots, most of them aren't wearing much adept gear at all since it isn't top of the line stuff. Allowing players to kill these mobs more frequently, in my eyes, won't be churning out OP toons, but just gives casual players a chance to see these mobs alive to kill without holding down a timer or knowing when it was killed last.


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I've always been of the opinion that adepts should never take more than 6 hours between spawns. The majority of this gear is easily replaceable at 65, and really these are a great opportunity for players to pick up a few pieces as they level up. Having to wait days/weeks to progress if you want to kill an adept has always tickled me the wrong way.

Sure, if you want to min/max adept gear like a certain guild you'll be stuck for weeks/months killing a few, but that is because that guild is full of people with horrible mental disorders who like this level of punishment.

I'd do something like:

Adepts levels 1-12 (2 hours)
Adepts levels 13-26 (4 hours)
Adepts 27-57 (6 hours)

Just my 2cp. Any standardization or reduction would be a great improvement though.
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It's hard to justify keeping adepts like pounders and traek at 6 hours. Those IMO need to be somewhere at least around a day or more. At first I was going to suggest Max Level / 2.5 = Hours but Grinkles mentioned he'd put all that together and it seems fair.


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This is cool but I kind of agree with the guy above me. The adepts in no way affect 65+ balance, aka, “the real game” I say the shorter respawn, the better. 6 hour respawns on level 12 mobs still just seems insane


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Yeah even like the 50+ ones who cares if they're up within a day or less? I mean fully leveled some of that stuff is nice and it just amounts to a leg up for fresher 65s trying to gear up on bounties and other things. It might not sync up with how raid stuff spawns at 65 but you also have a lot more potential things to do at 65 except gain XP to get to max level. Anything to help new blood to the server ease into the hill they have to climb is a big plus.


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All good points mentioned in here. Collectively I think everyone agrees that timers being reduced could give great benefits, it's just a matter of how much should they be reduced. Obviously everyone would like to see ALL respawn timers be single digits. I still think some of the higher ones should be a bit longer than the rest but for the most part it doesn't sound too scary to me.

Can either take the approach to standardize all their timers, or categorize them into level groups and split them up that way.


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Look at @iBluNT hoggin' all the likes up in here! :cool:

I am 100% for this change and think the current system would benefit from this kind of overhaul. Look at some of the ridiculous outliers:
  • From my experience, The Junkbeast (max engage 16) is the one and only Adept whose respawn time is precisely 36 hours; all others that the wiki claims to be 36 hours are actually closer to 35 hours.
  • Maggot-Infested Corpse (max engage 35) has an absurdly long respawn of around 2 days, 10 hours (or 58 hours), possibly with some kind of variability; no other Adept shares this time, and those before and after her conform to the abovementioned ~35 hours.
  • As far as I can tell, Theurgist Iztala (max engage 42) has a much longer respawn than anything else around her range, including Sludgebreath (whose max engage is identical to hers).
  • Tidefang the Wild (max engage 50) supposedly has a longer respawn than any other Adept despite being placed one level before AAs are available, meaning almost nobody has the inclination to explock and wait around for his unusually long respawn.
I'll pass this idea along, but as with any other matter, a change like this would be up to a couple of big wigs who are above my (nonexistent) paygrade....


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Tidefang the Wild (max engage 50) supposedly has a longer respawn than any other Adept despite being placed one level before AAs are available, meaning almost nobody has the inclination to explock and wait around for his unusually long respawn.

Sounds like Slaar thing, where he knew monks would be after the bag, so he made them lock one level below AAs, and sat back and laughed.
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