Adept Guild - recruiting Level 1 players


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Level 1 is amazing.

Mansion of portal immunity.
+5000% faster load times.
Iksar innate Regen proportionally equivalent to level 65 cleric fast heals.


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In an incredible server first we tried to have a 12 man raid on Gristle but I got impatient and we killed it with 4 lv 1 chars.




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This guild has taught me that any problem can be solved by throwing enough level one toons at it.


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This looks amazing, I was thinking about coming back casual like. Is it too late to make a character for some of this action? What level are you goobers now


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Some are 4, some are 7, if you're behind in levels and want some loot don't feel bad using the adept characters around there to catch up:

Under the project links is various heavily twinked characters for the adepts that you might want to do that others have passed. We don't use them for 'on tier' content but I think they've been approved for catch up purposes.


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We are now level 30 and have many new kills including server firsts of Chaos Queen and Dherquc.


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can you guys post screenshots so I can feel a sense of camaraderie even though I wasn't involved.


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My warrior and ranger looking for pixels to click on for loot. How can I join this movement?

Warrior - Godzilla
Ranger - Hornet
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