65 ROG/ENC LF Raiding Guild ( GMT Pacific time evenings )


Dalayan Adventurer
Times available: GMT Pacific , evenings / nights / day time if really required..

Name: Kiang
Class : Rogue
AA : 200 and adding
Gear : Crap
Fishing, Picklock, pottery, tailoring (in progress) taking your wallet while your not looking ^_^

Name: Ming
Class: Enchanter
AA: 200
Gear: so so?
skills: Jewlery

a little information about myself.

I left SoD in 2005 or 2006 due to mass loads of work and finally after 4 years I finished the project that they gave me however after finishing the project they laid me off due to economy reasons... so now I own my own automotive performance shop, and am able to work at the times I want... So I'm going to be catching up on my sod.

I'm an old member of steel, I was the raid cordinator before I left... now that Ive come back iit seems that the original steel has been disbanded and I'm now looking for a new home whom I can group with and raid with.


Dalayan Adventurer
-_- waste to hasted to post the original post... should've got some sleep! well I made myself look like an idiot ... woot woot ....

I'm on pacific time ... can make raids on gmt time however perfer not to..
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