65 Mage coming out of retirement, needs new home


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Hey guys. I'm Callivangus. I'm a 65 mage with 113 AAs and counting.

I've been playing SoD on and off, and the last time I played was about 4 years ago. I find myself shaking off the cobwebs and back in the world again. So I'm looking for an active casual guild that does grouping and raiding a few nights throughout the week. I'm on EST, and I'm usually online from evenings through overnight depending on my work schedule.

In my previous guild, I did some light raiding in T4-T6 content and have a few pieces obtained. I'm focusing primarily on knocking out AAs right now. I also still need to work on obtaining ancients/relics.

Here's a link to my fomelo.


Dalayan Beginner
My suggestion for a guild for you is Prophecy although i am unsure if they are recruiting a mage for a raid spot, they are nice ppl and they do exp together. You can find more information about them via the guild list topic. Oh and check out Ikisith when u get the chance. The instance to get flagged for ikky is in NwoT the is a youtube tutorial on this instance. Its a solo instance. Also the quest gift for the gruploks is a must once u r ikky flagged so you can bind "safer" in ikisith since the lil gruploks will no longer be KoS once this quest is completed. Welcome back stranger =)
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