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I'm a Bard that's been around off and on for a number of years. My character's name is Ceruleus. I have most of my general quests done and am only missing 1 relic spell. I play on Central Time Zone and hope to progress with a guild that raids 1-3 days a week. I can't play monday nights until after 11pm central and due to my sporatic work schedule I sometimes work nights until 11pm (though thats usually only once a week, so statistically that shouldn't be much of a conflict). If any guild's are interested you can ask questions here or send me PM's. See you all ingame. = )


PS: I have enough fame for a title but I can't decide on anything. Suggestions are always welcome.


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I haven't seen any guilds recruiting bards but if you are, I would most likely app.
i'm not sure what you're looking for in a guild or if Tier matters. but Relapse a relativley new guilds is currently learning/raiding tier 4-5 content. i noticed they also raid exp zones to help members get QP items fast.

According to their website they are looking for a bard.

They have some good members but i only know a few, as far as organization goes and how they raid etc etc i don't really know much, i've helped them drop a mob here and there and they definatley could have done it without me!

Couldn't hurt to give them a shot...

We are a fun guild. lots of grouping and helping each other. We are looking for all classes, you can go to http://relapse1.guildlaunch.com/ to app or you can hit up Oskib, Veck,Cece, Pipswaddle or any other member about joining. In time we will be hitting t2 to t5 mobs
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