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Here is a picture my old UI I used for old SoD (2.0?):

Currently one of the main things holding me back from enjoying my time on 2.5 is simply due to the UI being so terrible.

I haven't had too much free time. However, I am trying to make a UI for 2.5.

Just felt like showing you guys what I have made so far. Maybe you guys can give me some good ideas.

I am shooting for something similar to my old UI but working on cleaning up some of the things I was always too lazy to fix / work on.

I know my screen resolution is terrible (1280 x 1024). My PC currently isn't the best. I hope to get one soon so I can play at a better resolution, perhaps 2560 x 1440 if SoD even can handle it. If you are running this resolution let me know.

Buffs & Effects

I have always been a fan of Soes's work on EQ Interface since I played live from way back in the day. I pulled out this file from 09-30-2003 to see if I could edit it and make it work.


I like to have my buffs on the left side of my screen over having them on my right. I use the right side for the tracking window. Anyhow, here are some pictures of the progression. This took my FAR too long. It was embarrassing. Had to edit the EQUI_Animations file.


Finally, I figured out of to fix it:


Added the other buff's to the window to no longer get the error when logging in / zoning as well.

Not 100% sure I like the blue texture I used. It seems a bit too flashy. I do like the red one however.

Selector window

Edited "Simple Sleek Selector Window" found Here to work better with SoD

Basically the following buttons are worthless for SoD so I removed them:
Combat Skills

I left Guild Window in there in hopes it will one day it will work.


Also, there is an odd bug I ran into that three buttons are one pixel off when they are selected and you hover over them.

You will have to edit the "window_pieces02" file in your UI folder to fix this. Shifting the three buttons over one pixel will fix this problem. Shown here:


Breath Window


Casting Window



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good work! eliminating xml errors is a pain sometimes, lol need to do it myself on my ui


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Since you linked me to here.. do you by chance have these uploaded somewhere so I can download them. I would hate to re-invent the wheel. (Besides, I am lazy as all hell.)


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Im used to the default UI, I never had a custom one, and never really saw one I liked/ wanted to bother setting up, but man, looking at that, looks amazing. and I need it in my life.


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Most of the stuff I made back when 2.5 had first came out had to be fixed.

Here is an update. I have a ton of work and homework for school to do. Maybe I can finish this weekend.

Here is a preview:


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