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It's been fairly quiet for the most part the past month or 2. Any status updates on fixes that are in the works and almost done?


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I can't help thinking that what is happening to SoD looks like a typical case of Tunnel Vision (a term well known in IT project management, a short definition could be: a tendency to think only about one thing and to ignore everything else).

Staff may be working hard on fixing the gazillion bugs that came up with the 2.5 client, but we, as players, are getting desperate to see the basic functionalities of the game we love being fixed, this despair is mainly due to the near complete lack of information that is given to us (the last progress report on 2.5 is over 2 months old), so please bear in mind that regular status updates and clearly defined objectives are at least as important as results.

Five months have passed since the release of 2.5 client, and despite the promise of this new version, the one thing that was effectively reached is the loss, in a large proportion, of the end-game player base. As an officer of Seven Virtues, I struggle a bit more day after day to keep people motivated and logging in to raid the awesome content that was put in this game, I'm pretty sure that many others feel the same way.

I kindly ask SoD staff to indulge this post and to focus their efforts and communication on the real issues that brought the server population to an all-time low and this isn't, at the moment, the lack of new content but rather the difficulties we have to merely play with the existing content, the main ones being:

1) The groups/raids breaking every time a group leader goes link-dead and often breaking when any member of the raid goes link-dead and sometime breaking just by changing zones (we typically loose a solid hour each raid night just to form and reform to get a functional raid).

2) People being lagged out in crowded / AE heavy encounters thus rendering these people unable to do anything until they reload the game (hence breaking groups/raids), this issue seems related to the dysfunctional chat filters as in too much information being sent thus causing the client to loose sync with the server (does the eqclient.ini parameter: ServerFilter=1 works on SoD ?).

3) People having long (to very long) loading time or worse, crashing in a loop when trying to log in, especially in large outdoor zones like Tears of Elael, this doesn't affect everyone to the same extent but remains especially annoying since most of us are bound there.

4) Toons getting in game but being invisible to other, you can see them in zone with /who, they can use chats and get invited with /invite but they appear greyed out in group window and you cannot interact with them, the only way to fix it is to reload the client. Some people are never affected by this bug while for other it's almost systematic, this bug seems to be a regression from a previous patch as I don't recall it happening before the beginning of April.

5) Seemingly none working worn-effects such as vision, attack, charm focus, while this being difficult to quantify there seem to be an overall lack of melee dps, critical heals and spells compare to the 2.0 client.

6) The aggro bug, I'm sure you know what I'm talking about so I won't develop this one due to obvious reasons.

Last but not least, I would like to salute the enormous work that was done by SoD staff over the years, you guys created a fun and challenging Everquest server, please don't let its population decay because of lack of communication.

I'm available in game or through this forum to bring any help that I may, to test things or give details about the issues we encounter on a daily basis.

A fellow player.
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Don't think it's Tunnel Vision, seems like Taryth is taking a break or threw in the towel all together. He was most likely the most versatile in the new client and possibility close to even fixing some of the major bugs (no way to tell for sure but it sounds good I guess).

I'm sure there are still devs who care about the game, like they have for a long time, they probably just lack time and knowledge. Not to say they are dumb or anything it's just hard to start from where someone else has left off.

I know zero inside information and this could all be 100% wrong. Just seems like it is the most possible scenario at the time of writing.


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The lack of communication scares me a lot more than the lack of apparent development. We could really use a "state of the server" post from whoever is still flying this thing. Something like what Slaar did in March with the 2.5 progress report.

Those of you still playing: are you seeing any in game staff interaction regarding the issues Jonnaa lists?


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I've talked to the staff plenty lately. They are still there and they are aware of things. They are doing what they can and are still working on the server.


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I've talked to the staff plenty lately. They are still there and they are aware of things. They are doing what they can and are still working on the server.
Problem is,its now 5 months after the catastrophe and none of the gamestopping bugs are fixed,not to
mention looong loading times,autofollow and other annoyances,what's the eta on these ? Is it even
possible to bring these back to the state of SoD before the catastrophe ?And how many players will be
lost permanently during that process?
I vote for server wipe or revert back to the day before the catastrophe and restart "old" SoD.
I dont think this will make more players quit than leaving the server in that unplayable state for years
until all bugs are fixed and stability is what it once was.
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