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  1. Bonk84

    Necromancers Damage Increment IX

    I wish there were dual elemental focus items, like combining cold/fire and disease/poison or even DI/Affliction. The necro focus shell game isn't fun, especially when you start to bag an item due to boss mechanics.
  2. Bonk84

    Word of the Crusader bug

    Paladins are the worst, even mindless minions hate them
  3. Bonk84

    So now that we have new AAs...

    Turning gate necks into augs to install on one item would be a wonderful idea (that way they can still be faction bound and break like dragon/giant augs, and can be used like the LOIO device). I've also wanted the same thing done to bane, in that once you acquire an item, you can turn it into a...
  4. Bonk84

    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    I think the problem is that buffs check for the spells class, not the caster, to work. Probably would be easier to just add in new identical spells just for clickies with timed durations. As far as arrows, I also agree with Emzur. I was excited about the LoIO Scornwood Quivers because it gave...
  5. Bonk84

    SoD Purple Server?

    If a new server becomes the new "Vision" I wouldn't mind seeing a way to either prestige or ascend your characters, starts your character all over with blank inventory for a minor bump in stats or abilities. That mechanic in games usually keeps me around longer once I hit a wall.
  6. Bonk84

    Bounty Hunting suggestions

    Is alignment really that big of an issue for people? I just did the slaves quest in FoB multiple times to fix mine, wasn't all that difficult and only took me ~6 clears to finish 16-20%. Still instead of one use alignment items, I'd rather see new bounties of possible Rank 4 that send you to...
  7. Bonk84

    Returning player

    Best advice I can give is to keep an eye out for a Hate group (which is to the left of the Plane of Fear entrance in Greenmist Woods. It'll probably be the best and fastest way to gear up these days. Obtaining tokens with Thurgadin bounties is pretty slow, but you can use them to help fill a...
  8. Bonk84

    Returning player

    Welcome back! Not knowing much about your toons, how well are they geared? Some quests to look into are the Gruplok faction line to get a Murk gate clicky, working on your Main Quest aug advancing from High Seeker to numbered seeker with the Refuge quests in Dreadlands (which also rewards a...
  9. Bonk84

    Fame points

    I agree that the end rewards are nearly impossible to obtain, been playing since 2005, Shad only has 145 fame, added to the luck chance that you are logged in during a fame event. Also it would be very nice if events handed out more than 5-10 fame per being that they are usually few and far...
  10. Bonk84


    Hello dog!
  11. Bonk84

    Ideas from a new SoD player

    I'm pretty sure most of the community is will agree with a lot of your new player breakdown, and much of what you identified has been brought up in the past. Here are my thoughts Newbie quests should be fleshed out across the board with decent stat loot comparable to adept loot. In these...
  12. Bonk84

    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    There are also 6 classes with tomes still not implimented, and insidious elements does nothing for a necro so may as well make it 7. Could also expand out pet tomes to rank II or add in a few glyph-like ones that add innate procs, caster pet spell upgrades, pet proc upgrades, or melee abilities.
  13. Bonk84

    War Mobs on the Home-Front

    Since the war event rarely takes place anymore, would it be a considered to add in these mobs to Kazulian focused areas/zones (LoIO, BQ, murk/FoB near the gates, Citadel, EJ) to be spawned by rust code? Would be neat to spawn Bonetower off the golems in citadel or in the LoIO fort, the hero of...
  14. Bonk84


    i'll check my logs and see if it recorded it all and then send what I have
  15. Bonk84


    Just finished it, and she did indeed take 2.5k now, thanks for the quick fix and quest implementation!
  16. Bonk84


    Unable to continue, I have 4k plat on me, gloves, and 60 berries, but she's not taking the items and only taking small amounts of plat every hail
  17. Bonk84


    Having an alternate to getting that port spell, even if it means picking up crops in the badlands, is 100% better than no option to acquire the spell. Thanks for taking a look Grinkles!
  18. Bonk84


    I also wouldn't mind being able to acquire this spell for my druid. I did her quest way back when, when it was first released, not realizing it would lock me out of acquiring the spell. Even if it cost 10x or 50x normal price.
  19. Bonk84

    QoL idea's for inventory.

    What about a hunter type npc who can take bane items and break them down and hand you back a bane aug which you can put into the currently unused power source slot. By having a power source with multiple aug slots, you can fit banes into one slot and upgrade when you replace a piece of gear now...
  20. Bonk84

    Necro/Mage rebalancing going in the next patch (hopefully 11/6)

    I’m not saying it’s not useful, however it’s not great compared to mages and wizards simply due to the DoT mechanic. Mages/Wizards can “rapidly” chain the spells affected by elemental damage and focus on less elemental types, greatly improving the DPS gained by the gear. Necros don’t really...
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