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  1. iBluNT

    Gate Clickies, and What They Mean to Me

    Gate clickies are awesome. We all love gate clickies. There are currently 3 gate clickies in the game with no charges. These gate clickies are: After the Divide Lightwrap Turban of Flight Wand of Gate I was questing on my monk a while ago, trying to obtain myself a Vah Back. Along the way I...
  2. iBluNT

    Kind Lady

    Can this just stay up constantly? It's mildly annoying to have to watch discord channels to see if/when it's up, it spawns enough during prime time to be practically the same thing and it's pretty clear it's spawned to benefit certain friends. It just seems mildly pointless to have it be a...
  3. iBluNT

    Possible Desync / Lag Fix *Windows 10*

    This was brought up to me the other week as someone was having some pretty horrible desyncing issues, and their problem wasn't related to latency, network speed or computer specs/performance at all. I too even noticed these issues in certain situations while pinging around 150 down / 45 up, with...
  4. iBluNT

    Building the Future

    After doing this quest on my monk months ago, it gave me the mana clicky reward. I presumed this was due to the fact that I already had another gate clicky in my bags. Quite frankly I'm not even sure what the flag check is to give either reward, but once you complete the quest there's no further...
  5. iBluNT

    Mana & Stamina Rezzes

    One of the biggest drags in this game is probably waiting on a raid wipe. Could take about 15 minutes per wipe just waiting on stamina, curses, etc. Not only does this greatly limit at attempts at progression, etc. but makes it almost virtually impossible to stream or gain attention. There's a...
  6. iBluNT

    Buying Many Items

    Below is a list of example items I'd buy, as well as basically any high end BoE without a level rec on it. Looking to make a bunch of community adept toons, so either PM me, find me in-game, or throw me a message on Discord as well. A few examples: Ash-Coated Ring Barbed Bloodsteel Gloves...
  7. iBluNT

    Fame Rewards

    In the spirit of this account drive, video contest, new content, etc. maybe it'd be time to revisit some of the Fame Rewards that we'd be giving away. Historically fame's been kind of hard to get. There's been account drives to fund-raise that reward fame and such, but other than that -- the GM...
  8. iBluNT

    OG Tunnels Sale

    It's pretty sad killing a named that requires 4+ tier 13 characters in the Overgrowth tunnels and receiving an item like this, this, and this, which only net you two hundred and thirty (230) platinum pieces. Especially when these drops are placeholder items for one of the harder quests to finish...
  9. iBluNT

    Shards of Dalaya Streams

    With the rate that new content is being pumped out and old content is being fixed, there's a lot going on in the game right now that older players or potential new players could find out about. The population has been steadily rising even on off-nights, and new players are trickling in. With an...
  10. iBluNT

    Adept Timers

    With a recent focus on lower end content in terms of new adepts and bounty gear, I think overall the lower end progression has seen pretty positive changes. One thing that could possibly help this a bit more is the respawn length on adepts. After having recently done most of the adept...
  11. iBluNT

    Buying Tinkering Mats **APPEALS TO ALL LEVEL PLAYERS**

    Buying ALL / ANY of the following. - Any size robot parts: Sensors, Sprockets, Plating -- 20 platinum per - Clockwork Cogs, Springs, Gears -- 250 platinum per - Any type of Black, Blue, or Green Filings -- 25 platinum per - Dinosaur Meat && Essence of Nightmares 500 platinum per - Racial Meats...
  12. iBluNT

    Forest of the Fallen Questline

    After having gone through most of the main quest line in the new zone I just have a few minor suggestions I'd like to at least share (without many spoilers) for others to consider while they do it also. Overall I thought the content was cool and entertaining by doing unfamiliar quests/mobs/etc...
  13. iBluNT

    WTB Globe of Rancor

    Buying Globe of Rancor. Paying very very well. PM or send tell in-game to Skaoli/Emzur. Also on Discord.
  14. iBluNT

    Elemental DMG Augs

    Elemental DMG augs were once wearable in hands and feet slots. If I remember correctly this was nerfed due to monks benefiting from these on their h2h and kick damage. After looking at each elemental dmg aug from the refugee vendor, hands/feet were removed from all augs except fire augs (and...
  15. iBluNT


    I'm not sure if this was initially an oversight, or if it was actually meant to be implemented this way - but is there a definite reason that Ravenclaw bow from Jenrok combine doesn't have a listed range? It doesn't shoot at all. I'm guessing it might have something to do with there being a...
  16. iBluNT

    ToT Pug 2/24/2020 7:30PM EST

    Edited 2/19/2020 Like the latest post if you're interested in a possible T9 pug Monday (2/24/2020). Looking to start around 7-7:30PM. ALL worn gear, archaic fragments, and 99% of quest pieces are open roll. Great opportunity for people to get some halfway gear. Possible ~13 targets, dependent...
  17. iBluNT

    WTB Tomes

    Not sure if anyone checks this section anymore but if anyone has the following let me know. Can either leave a reply or /cm listsend Emzur 1 ;) Specifics: - Splitting Arrow 1
  18. iBluNT

    Farewell to a fellow cousin and player

    Late on Sunday evening, a very close cousin to me took his life. I've been playing EverQuest with him since Kunark release, and he got me into SoD. He handed his druid over to me last summer and I've been helping him play since. His druid goes by the name of Emzor, so if anyone has seen him...
  19. iBluNT

    Progression tier raids

    Being somewhat fresh to 65.. its hard to find low level tier raids / pugs. Just trying to find interest for low level tier pugs to get alts geared / reliced.
  20. iBluNT

    WTS Dark Crystal Bastard Sword

    26 / 22 2HS listsold emzor
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