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  1. Bonk84

    War Mobs on the Home-Front

    Since the war event rarely takes place anymore, would it be a considered to add in these mobs to Kazulian focused areas/zones (LoIO, BQ, murk/FoB near the gates, Citadel, EJ) to be spawned by rust code? Would be neat to spawn Bonetower off the golems in citadel or in the LoIO fort, the hero of...
  2. Bonk84

    Exceptional HoT Ticks

    So I've noticed this a while now on my druid, but her exceptional HoT ticks are only increased by ~86% instead of doubled. With no foci or +alt, her base heal tick with ancient was 807 and exceptional was 1500 (85.8%). Relic came out at around the same 86%. I then tried it with my cleric and...
  3. Bonk84

    Insidious Elements change

    Currently, this tome feels useless. Do resists even matter anymore for DoTs? I am suggesting the following, The last tick of necro's DoT adds a counter for that element. These counters increase all further element damage by the necro on that target by .5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 % per counter. If a...
  4. Bonk84

    Permanent Pet Invetories

    This is more along the lines of finding no drop raid gear only for pets that you could give to an NPC to flag your account, so that any time you summon a new pet, it will spawn with that equipment. Pets could still accept temporary items given to them, like ember weapons and such, but if they...
  5. Bonk84

    Jumping odd

    recently upgraded my PC, got a new mobo (ASUS x99-Pro) and proc (i7-5930k) and noticed that when I jump I slow down mid jump, and when I levitate, I don't go up and down like normal, just kinda vibrate really fast.
  6. Bonk84

    Leezard - named mob in CC

    Was up in CC last night and saw a blue con named Leezard on track who was out of the normal map area to the east. Any info on this guy or is he just a forgotten about GM npc?
  7. Bonk84

    HoT msg's

    Noticed today that when I'm healing with my hot and it heals to full health, it shows as healing for 0. Other than that, awesome add in =)
  8. Bonk84

    Frost King

    So it's no surprise to anyone that the frost king is an easy fight for the aug compared to the dragon side of the house. Add the fact that hardly any guild at the moment kills dragons anymore for giant faction. My suggestion is to change the encounter with the frost king, in that at ~10% he...
  9. Bonk84

    Pet Equipment

    Had a quick question about pets and their inventory. Do they swap out their equipment when you hand them a new item? Or do they simply keep the better item? I was on a raid and a mage summoned the silks for pet, which the 15ac 40hp pants replaced my pets 40ac 25agi 100hp Djari Crafted...
  10. Bonk84

    Auction House

    Ok here it goes, first I will add in some background lore, and then explain my mechanics of the system. "Erudin's finest court of Mages, Wizards, and Enchanters have finalized their plans to estabilish auction houses across Dalayian cities in an attempt to expand their trade borders. Using a...
  11. Bonk84

    Codex of Power Help

    Recently bought Codex of Power, Vol. 1 from merchant in seeker library. Opened up the book and it returns the messege "Do not meet pre-reqs." OOC didn't return any good information, and had two petitions going each for 2+ hrs with no answer (I guess due to the time I currently am able to play...
  12. Bonk84

    Keyring Question

    I understand about keys going onto your keyring once you use them and then can be deleted, but what about the Vaporous Crystalline Key for the combine armor? Will your character still need to have that key on your persons when upgrading armor? Or will the mob just check your keyring for said...
  13. Bonk84


    Well I finally got into a Sludgebreath raid and got my item, so my paladin is leveling up again to take out Icefeather. Now the Wiki says that he was upped in level with the adept rebalance, and I was hoping for a confirmation from the staff that he is indeed now lvl 48 with a max engage of 45...
  14. Bonk84

    Fellblade Question

    I've had a few of the Fellblade quest items just rotting in my bank for a couple years now (3 to be exact) and was wondering if the Fellblade will ever be questable again, possibly mixing it in with the expansion? If not, at least I'll have a few more bank slots open.
  15. Bonk84

    MQ Lore change

    Was going through the MQ on an alt of mine when I noticed the lore seemed to be a little old. The old elven knight, Sedran Telvir still refers to the elven cities as being dead. Now that Kelethin has once again returned to life as a good city (and not harmtouching bastards), any chance the mob...
  16. Bonk84

    WTB Tangleweed

    looking for tangleweed, paying 15p per / 300p stack listsend to Miria
  17. Bonk84

    Faction and Diety Problem

    Alright, im back from taking a year break to find two major problems on my main character, Shadamir the first problem being when i returned, i found three of my giant faction items gone, and scowls to giants. before i retired, i was ally with giants. i only recall two of the items, Malicious...
  18. Bonk84

    Buff Buying

    i was reading the post on charms and how they are designed to be a plat sink, when i came up with the idea of NPC's who you can buy high end buffs from (or level oriented), much like the xp debt removal priests cast, but with more variety. this would allow players to quit asking around for a...
  19. Bonk84

    Crystalline Golem Fists

    i recently aquired these while hunting in upper dogs in sorcs lab the other day.  First i was wondering why these items are given the no drop tag while everything else that drops off trash mobs is droppable and the low amount of stats on the item?  Second, i would like to suggest that these be...
  20. Bonk84

    Rod of the Scorpikin

    recently i aquired Rod of the Scorpidin and wondered the use of it. currently, it has 1 charge of Poison of the snake, which is a poison dot which does initially 49 damage, and 117 damage a tick for 4 ticks, with a 12 second cast time. which dps-wise, is 517 damage over 32 seconds, not bad at...
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