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  1. Chiifin666

    SoD advertising

    Can we please start a gofundme to raise funds for advertising the server with the goal of gaining new players in the community. Last night was the first time in months that I saw someone in /ooc saying there was an EXP grp looking for more. That and/or to raise funds to beef up the server/ISP...
  2. Chiifin666

    The Pot of Motivation!

    So I know the group/raid bugs that started from the 2.5 release are incredibly difficult to hash out, especially considering the person(s) working on the bugs also have a life and a job. I understand you don't want to spend every day after work on the computer doing hair-pullin work for people...
  3. Chiifin666

    Will Fomelo ever be fixed?

    I know work has been super duper slow but some progress has been made in the last several months, so does anyone know if Taryth is coming back to working on the server/fomelo again- or is he only focused on the remake of SoD he posted about ?
  4. Chiifin666

    Group and raid bugs

    Forgive me if there is a post about this already but I did not see one in Tech support so I figured I'd do it myself. I see there have been a patch somewhat recently and I was wondering if this is something that is being worked on.
  5. Chiifin666

    Brad McQuaid's Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen

    Anyone else gonna hop in on this ? I pledged so I get 2 digital copies so one 'could' be up for grabs... :) Alpha ought to be open come the end of the year
  6. Chiifin666

    sticky ALT key

    Does anyone know how to fix this ? Some people say they've never heard of it and that pisses me off. I've had this issue on my two towers, my laptop, and now my tablet. It's aggravating on my tower but on my tablet, I swear it happens like every other time I alt/tab, I have to hit alt to get it...
  7. Chiifin666


    Does anyone know if Haba / Habs still plays ? I haven't seen him online at all for a bit
  8. Chiifin666

    My 2.5 bug report thread

    I haven't gotten to play much of it just yet but I will be dedicating as much time as I can to help find bugs. I work full time, then I am remodeling my house I just bought, and I'm a full time daddy.. So I'm trying.. There are the known issues of not being able to log toons into Athica...
  9. Chiifin666

    Sod on Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10

    Has anyone else played shards on the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 tablet ? I saw the tablet running battlefield 4 so I know it can handle shards, just not positive if it's compatible.. I just bought one yesterday and I'm just trying to have a game-plan for when it arrives. I was told Windows 10...
  10. Chiifin666

    WTB: few items

    I'm looking to buy Heart of Stone and Contracting Choker! Send me a msg or feel free to listsend any time!!
  11. Chiifin666

    WTB Contracting Choker

    just like the post says.. /cm listsend Chiifin any time
  12. Chiifin666

    Racial Attributes & illusions

    Hi there, so I made a barbarian warrior for the slam ability as well as the 2.5% exp boost they get. Recently I managed to get the melwins idol (one ph+1st named- lucky me).... I noticed that the slam function no longer works, as long as I am under an illusion. Does that mean the 2% exp boost is...
  13. Chiifin666

    Ranged proc?? i.e. Queen's Gambit proc

    I was just drooling over 6-man loots and noticed that in shadowdale, 'Queen of the Fae' drops 'Queen's Gambit' . As I was looking into it on wiki, I just happened to notice the proc is a 'ranged proc'.. How does that work ? it's not a throwing item??
  14. Chiifin666

    DHK or SE pug's??

    Anyone planning/want to plan a pug with me ? I can load a high-end cleric for either of the two, or a high end tank for DHK. I haven't started factioning yet since I'm not sure which is most-raided these days. I usually do DHK but I hear SE is awesome because it's easier to get the aug eventually
  15. Chiifin666

    Making a fomelo link

    How can I do this properly ? I've searched the forums and I've clicked on others' links and viewed the txt source and edited it to reflect my characters name and it's not working. <a href="" class="internalLink">Chiifin</a>
  16. Chiifin666

    MQ - can Silvercrown faction be reset??

    Hi hi, I'm just about to start the great Dryad quest but I wanted to do Tesia's quest for the chaotic hits. I spoke to blackscale, and council- I betrayed and told them the truth, why I was there. But I went to silvercrown and I was kos, unable to speak to the Trader Vahir or w/e while invis...
  17. Chiifin666

    Decanter of the Brave, fear resistance??

    Is the Decanter of the Brave worth getting ? I know it's somewhat easy to get while doing the MQ but I have it on two toons and haven't used it other than in PVP. I'm inquiring for my twink warrior. I searched the forums but seems it may only be utilized for Traekoth the Ancient, I'd rather...
  18. Chiifin666

    AA grind, what lvl?

    I've tried to search for the past hour or so and have found very little info, just some guy complaining about being stuck at lvl57 for a bag so he was upset he couldn't have more than 20banked aa... lol... I know it's highly controversial, but what would be the fastest way to aa grind for a...
  19. Chiifin666

    Help: Warrior Pledging Tarhyl ??

    Hi there, so I've been doing a lot of research into this and am uncertain if I want to pledge Tarhyl or not. If I do, should I take an evil alignment ? should I do COI, Silver Crown, Blackscale?? I understand I won't be able to raid ToT, or kill Bloodfires in First Ruins.. Would I be able to...
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