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    Please Review 2.5's "Server Rules" Table

    +1 for SoDClientUseSoDHPManaEnd if it means matching fomelo +1 for RespawnFromHover +1 for UnmemSpellsOnDeath +2 for GrantHoTTOnCreate +A LOT for Grinkles
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    WTB ED Maps

    Any ED Maps for sale out there? Listsend to Ayste, 10k, or PM me.
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    What things would you like to see in a new zone?

    One of the things I find frustrating about trying to do some content is that it can be hard to simultaneously get the right group on and find the mob up. This game should be about beating the strat of the mob, not about obsessive tracking. Imagine how fun it could be to able to just tell your...
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    WTB Magic Mastery II, WTS Splitting Arrow II

    Listsold Gund if you're still searching for Magic 2.
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    Regarding 2.5 Complaints

    Taryth looks at "You suck" Taryth looks at ban hammer ...looks at "You suck" ...looks at ban hammer I admire your restraint and maturity. A+ on this FREE and AWESOME game.
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    Boxxing in 2.5

    So I have a few years of 2 boxxing muscle memory ingrained in me with EQW, and I am now freaking out! I play with two screens and use the tilde key to switch between them. Some differences with 2.5 I am trying to address: -Switching chars with the tilde key: the workaround I have here is to...
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    New PC, Windows 10, SOD runs like poop

    @Pecannius - Different bind settings didn't seem to change much. @Haenir - In that folder there are 'd3dx9_24.dll' through 'd3dx9_36.dll' and 'D3DX9_37' through 'D3DX9_43.dll'. Why do you ask? Thanks!
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    New PC, Windows 10, SOD runs like poop

    Hey Sikk! Nope, not using a custom UI.
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    New PC, Windows 10, SOD runs like poop

    Hello, Has there been any resolution to this issue? I believe I am having the same issue as the original poster. While playing on my laptop, the FPS is very low. As with the original post, if I turn the UI off (F10), the graphics run very smoothly; when I turn the UI on, it slows back down...
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    Full Cleric Page

    Anyone have advice for where to kill to have the best chance at the elusive Cleric full page archaic frag? Some of the related posts are a bit old, and I don't know if anything has changed since. Thanks in advance
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    Change in Rules addressing guild flags

    I'm all for requiring flagging, but I simply don't understand the logic of making the flagging mob rare. Perhaps I just don't understand the digital masochism behind needing to out-camp the other guild. The fact that someone else has no life/job and kills the snot out of some key mob (even if...
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    It seems that getting truly new players (as in those who hadn't played live) to SoD may be a tall order. I think that because of how steep the learning curve is to get started. I suspect that most people who stuck with SoD had played live or something similar. I tried to set my dad up to...
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    Login Screens Black

    I recently built a new computer and used my old HD 4870 video card. All of the login screens are black with some orange text. I can just barely make out what I need to login, luckily, but it is rather annoying. Has anyone seen this or have advice?
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    WTB Cleric Spells

    Is anyone selling Vessel of Althuna or Yaulp 6 for a reasonable price? I also need Divine Gaurd. Contact Ayste
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    100k Caster Charm

    Why are the resists on the 100k caster charm so much lower than on the melee? 20 total resist on caster charm compared to 60 total resist on melee is quite a difference.
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    <Iratus Lepus>

    Bump. Have had some successful T 3-6 raids recently, but still need more good players. We are aiming for Monday/Thursday 7 PM EST raids, but not set in stone. Contact Gund/Ayste/Quila/Skos/Roen in game or apply at website above.
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    the state of things

    Okay, bad example. To be more direct, they will leave SoD.
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    the state of things

    I am a rather new player to SoD, and having completed a whopping 15ish raids so far, you make take what I say with a grain of salt. However, the root source of dissatisfaction, at least in this thread, seems to be the quite stiff competition over high-end content. In effect, there is an...
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    Contacting an SoD friend

    I agree with the listsending of messages, Dimmi. In UO that was a really nice feature. Anyway, I don't know their forum name.
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    Contacting an SoD friend

    I am wondering if it is possible to send an e-mail to someone if you only know the name of their toon? I have two friends in SoD who have suddenly disappeared. One was a guildee who suddenly stopped playing in the middle of a raid and the last thing we heard was, "Sorry guys, I just got...
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