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  1. Kharras

    Fun.Free MMORPG you should try

    Hey guys, quick post on a game (which I never do)..... If you can suffer past the initial difficult learning curve, the poor graphic optimization in and around town, the feeling of your character ice skating around and bumper-car'n off solid objects, the slow grind, the lack of online info...
  2. Kharras

    Dorf underground bonus-ezz

    Are the bonuses dwarves are supposed to get while underground working? There is no message in chat that notifies you of this like with my wood elf (you elven senses attune to the forest) or something like that. I think its possible dorfs may be discriminated against because they are so awesomely...
  3. Kharras

    Igneous Cummerbund (Thaz Fire Boss) Who wears it?

    Just wondering, cause Farhag belt and other lower tier belts are much better unless you need the fire focus, or are farming planar elementals...... It seems like it was supposed to be amazingly OP like the Thaz air mini shield, but the 3 mana per tick worn regen effect seems broken, making it...
  4. Kharras

    Very wonderful WARRIOR tweak!

    Ok so first off, I must apologize for my last terrible, somewhat condescending, and possibly even rude post about The Mountain's Fury's proposed missing fire focus. At least I think I remember posting about that, but it has strangely evaporated into the nether, seemingly gone forever..... but...
  5. Kharras


    Numinous is a tier 7ish guild killing lots of monsters almost every day. Scheduled raids are sun/mon/thurs at 8:30 pm EST but are subject to change. The days listed are (usually) progression days, and every other day we pretty much kill anything interesting that is up. If you are looking for a...
  6. Kharras

    Error 1001 garbage.....

    What has changed since I played 20 years ago to make this annoying error block my connection to the server? Your Pal...
  7. Kharras

    Dispell Magic woes.....

    Why is the recast so terrible on the dispell magic line of spells? It makes groups that want to go to Krawlaws in ember rely on having a Bard or else have a horrid time of misery and woe trying to time dispells and crossing fingers that they dont get resisted. Any real reason for the long...
  8. Kharras

    Switching EQW screens w/ Windows7 i built a new comp with a fresh, new Windows 7 OS. The prob is...when im boxing in EQW i hit ALT-TAB to switch screens like normal....but after that I have to hit ALT again because if I dont, its like the ALT key is depressed and if I start to move or type, all that happens is windows...
  9. Kharras

    Final Vah banner revisited

    I will be speaking from a "tank" point of view. Other classes feel free to add your own input as I am not concerned with you hehe. I suggest some Dev. magic glitter be added to this reward because the countless hours of chatting, killing, camping, researching, recruiting help, etc etc aren't...
  10. Kharras

    Weathered Rosewood Bow

    After prob doing around 50+ Difficult tmaps in my virtual life, one of these Weathered Rosewood Bows dropped today, and I think it needs tweaking because it really isnt that much better than a Warden's Longbow that a couple lvl 15's could get from BB. Im not going to use it either way, but I def...
  11. Kharras

    Vambraces of the False Rapture

    Well....since I got some of these right before I went MIA awhile back, I didnt post what Ringo and I talked about after they dropped. Since im back messing around a bit now, and someone else on server got a pair, its time to bring them up. These arms drop off the most difficult boss in ember...
  12. Kharras

    Patcher/Game acting funky....HELP!

    Hey Yawl! going nutz here and need some suggestions. Ok first...I just installed 2 new HD's in my PC. The Master drive has a fresh install of WIN XP PRO SP3. The Slave has a fresh install of my EQ Titanium disks. I have net framework 1.1 installed. I downloaded the SoD patcher and it...
  13. Kharras

    Defensive Mods Vs AC/HP's

    It probably has been discussed in the past, but Im just looking for fresh facts or opinions. How beneficial are defensive mods for tanks, and how much HP/AC are you willing to sacrifice for such mods? For example....look at the Dmap Ring of Warding 10AC 80HP +5 all saves +15 Parry mod. How much...
  14. Kharras

    More 1 handed weapon models?

    There is currently a shortage of 1 handed, dual wieldable HAMMERS' N AXES for tier 8+. Is it possible some may be added? Thanks.
  15. Kharras

    Faction badge/aug problem

    I play a Warrior and recently was awarded a cloak. However the cloak has a type 2 aug slot and my Silver Crown faction aug is type 5 only. Well, being a Warrior, most of my gear is type 2 which leaves me with no piece that I can aug with my faction badge since upgrading my cloak. This does not...
  16. Kharras

    Offhand Weapon Question

    What is better for offhand weapon, HIGH DMG/HIGH DELAY, or LOW DMG/LOW DELAY? Or is it purely weapon ratio? In my case, I have two offhand weapons I can is 12/20, the other is 28/46. I am a WAR. Thanks.
  17. Kharras

    Skill Mods, i.e. Dodge, Block, etc.

    Sorry to keep picking yalls brains hehe. OK...If you increase your Dodge skill to +25 with equip., do you think it would help a WAR's tanking ability significantly? Or is building up a skill like this kinda useless? The reason I ask is because I can get my WAR's dodge +25 by losing like 25 AC...
  18. Kharras

    HP or AC for WAR?

    Hey yall. I heard that 1500AC cuts all damage in that true? Even with raid mobs? If so...I agree AC is most important for tanks. If not are raw HP's an option? I know Hp's ended up being more important than AC on live in the end game, but I also realize SoD is a different game. The...
  19. Kharras

    Patcher [email protected] EQLS_SOESplash05.tga

    I am trying to get SoD running on my friend's comp and the patcher keeps getting stuck on the mentioned file. Any ideas on how to fix? Thanks.
  20. Kharras

    SLudge-covered whip nerf?

    Hey now! I spent hours of my real-life camping this thing! With a dying graphics card ta boot! Where's tha 15 AC?? hehe. no really....just make sure to add it back in next patch 8). Love ya.
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