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    WTB ED Maps

    I sell them occasionally on Zexx but they go like hotcakes for 25k these days. Supply and demand dictates a price hike inc.
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    Patch Error

    Yep, same here just decided to work no problem today. Thanks though.
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    Patch Error

    What is this mumbo jumbo? I can't connect. Starting SoD Patcher version 1.92 at 05/18/14 - 11:56:29 Retrieving patcher CRC. ERROR! Connection to URL returned code 500 WARNING! Checksum retrieved for patcher is incorrect length...
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    Experiment: Quest for the People Project

    I saw this and got a wild hair, so here's a simple one. Quest Giver: A Miserable Old Ranger (An Athica Citizen in bar) Class/Race Restrictions: None Level Range: 10-30 Zone: Athica Faction Requirement: Indifferent Athica. General Summary of the Quest: A Miserable Old Lady is suffering...
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