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  1. NeoReloaded

    Secrets of Dalaya

    hi this is the secrets of dalaya megathread. new secrets of dalaya strats coming soon
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    should i play again idk i was reminiscing about all the times i made people mad and had some nostalgia also lol the sig also im xj9
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    hi why isnt vz dead yet why is there an entry for the hardmode blazewind bow but none of the top 5 rangers have it um who has it my braids are immaculate bye
  4. NeoReloaded

    ariel told me about the toys

  5. NeoReloaded


    i didnt tell you you could LEAVE ME
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    a mum u umu u mum.
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    h i

    h i
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    is that u in ur avatar pic??
  9. NeoReloaded

    Clyyde Cash Jim Jones Jeezy

    Clyyde is Bango's more attractive non-nappy brother. His current AAs don't matter because I changed my work availability to be a normal person by day and geek/neckbeard/twerp/XJ9 by night. My raid resume is large as fuck and I have done pretty much every fight to T12. On another character. But...
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  11. NeoReloaded

    Grobb Faction (Mielech B Prisoners)

    I'm supposed to give the pen key (looted off of a froglok penkeeper) to the prisoners in the jail area to increase Grobb faction, but they just return the key to me and i receive no faction. Am I doing something wrong? I need to get Grobb faction in order to continue Blackscale quests because I...
  12. NeoReloaded

    Aytewi's Epic WTB/WTS Thread

    HALLO This is my A++ thread for buying and selling things that I like/don't like. If you're interested in doing business send me a PM here (preferably), or send a tell to Aytewi in-game. But really, you have a better chance sending a PM here. WTB -Blazing Firebeads (willing to pay at least...
  13. NeoReloaded

    slow internet

    ok, so like i have a slower connection. i receive 1001 errors when i try to connect to the login server. (they're delayed, and sometimes i can actually get through) is it possible that i could increase the amount of time it takes to login so that it doesn't timeout?
  14. NeoReloaded

    CoI Problems

    EXACT NAME OF QUEST NPC - Oceanwalker Gargan WHAT STAGE OF THE QUEST YOU ARE ON - Supposed to do "Graverobbing" next. WHAT THE QUEST NPC SAYS WHEN HAILED - Tells me the text for "Until Death Us Do Part" EXACT NAMES OF ITEMS/NPCS INVOLVED IN THE ERROR - a gnoll priestess, Oceanwalker Gargan YOUR...
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    first attempt in months feel free to say "WOW YOU SUCK LOL!!!!1111!11" since i'm used to it and stuff i'll make requested ones for free until saturday (for practice y'know) then charge 1k for each one after.
  16. NeoReloaded

    WTB Rotblade, 2.5k

    Before I scream and cut my wrists, plz. Listsend to Aytewi.
  17. NeoReloaded

    never mind :X

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