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  1. Malleus2

    Thazeran Revamp

    What am I going to do with all the old Ruin Thaz scouts now?
  2. Malleus2

    What classes do the GMs/Devs play?

    Shaman, rogue, necro
  3. Malleus2

    Tom you drunken fool I see you lurking there :)

    Tom you drunken fool I see you lurking there :)
  4. Malleus2

    It is time...

  5. Malleus2

    Farhag Wing Respawn Timer

    *Folerit Redsun that spawns 4 hours after the real version dies. Exactly the same as the normal version with no loot (except perhaps trash level PP). If he is the guardian of the treasure trove that is Farhags let him be on duty more often.
  6. Malleus2

    It is time...

    Thanks, I know. And as the ellipsis implies there will be more :)
  7. Malleus2

    It is time...

  8. Malleus2

    Erroded Armguards

    It errroded away.
  9. Malleus2

    Missing charm

    He is doing what he was told to do (sort of, since this isnt a PM). The petition was in the queue for several times over several days. The people tending to the petitions during that time do not have the ability to check transaction logs to see where his charm was moved to (pre the last major...
  10. Malleus2

    OH GOD, can what i do ? Main quest

    If you hadnt been afk or blind to my tells for so long you may have found some resolution to your problem. Lesson: Don't petition then afk for a long time while sitting at the turnin mob then LD or log off :)
  11. Malleus2

    Amulet of the Cult Voice

    The gate clicky is not on the starting variant of the cult neck meaning you have to work through numerous quests before you have the gate clicky. It is an alternate gate neck to the Newport one for evil aligned people which is different to the diety necks. The diety home plane necks give you...
  12. Malleus2

    Cunning of the Beast and Athica

    Don't tell me you have never come back from afk while standing in Athica only to find you have been infected by some schlub who didn't cure his diseases.
  13. Malleus2

    Frost King Rymaz Sunbane

    Im not sure what guidelines the other GMs are working under but I was instructed by Allielyn to direct petitioners here for * mobs so a dev can look into it. The reasons for this are the spawn time window could result in 2 * mobs up if a GM spawns it then it spawns as it should after...
  14. Malleus2

    Silver Band of Shojar - V2

    Click and check right hand
  15. Malleus2

    Ikisith Teaser

    No complaints about new content to date from me but you might want to rethink this:
  16. Malleus2

    Druid's Glade-Mist Tunic Regen Proc

    Its a reactive proc. If it is doing more regen than your normal regen its a good thing because something has just done damage to you to trigger it and could continue to do so. Id rather it overwrote my spell bar regen than my more limited song box hot in that situation. If you survive you rebuff...
  17. Malleus2

    A couple of questions, if I may.

    1. Completely custom content. Lore, gear, quests are all custom. Many of the zones connect differntly from live as well. It has an old live (ie pre PoK) feel to it. And despite being custom there is a great depth of content for people who want to quest, raid or just dungeon crawl with another 30...
  18. Malleus2

    Ranger Auto shoot

    The solution is obvious. As you cannot use software to automate the process and it must be a human action that triggers each shot simply get your young child/cousin/nephew etc to key mash for you. If you have no willing relatives try fixin a sandwich, grabbing a beer and head to where the local...
  19. Malleus2

    Raid policy thread clarification

    I wasn't saying it was. What I was attempting to explain was that by our usual MO we won't be claiming a wing by buffing an adequate force there. What it all boils down to is this might have been avoided by a bit clearer language in the policy thread (no we can't have rules for every...
  20. Malleus2

    Raid policy thread clarification

    Goons normally form up and buff in house then move to a target once we are ready to roll. I was not on Malleus last nite but if our force was there we were ready to engage. Engage was likely held while Meyers attempted to get ahold of staff to ensure the claim to the wing was made fairly and we...
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