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  1. Anti Eh

    Cleric LF Thaz raids

    Cleric LF Thaz raids. I have wing keys, pst to Anti.
  2. Anti Eh

    Celestrial well

    I was thinking about ways to make Celestrial wells worth the buffslot it eats. Atm in raids everyone has so many clickies and proc buffs that having an extra buff slot for this spell is rare. Most of the time you get hate tells in vent for using this spell on raids. I was curious if maybe...
  3. Anti Eh


    Using Grinkles awesome math , I am kinda boogled why there is no interest in adding a Pariah aug quest line. 935 players out of 5470 (17.09% of database population) are pariah. Being there has been interest in creating Taryhl aug quests for the 39 out of 5470 players ( 0.71% ) It would only...
  4. Anti Eh

    sod patcher & eq switch

    Not really sure how open the patch source is but curious if there might be any interest in either A> adding a box on main patch program to be able to change your EQWSwitch=option B> changing the default EQWSwitch=option that comes with the patcher when it downloads?/creates eqw.ini Alt tab...
  5. Anti Eh

    first ruins

    dumb question but thought i'd ask. is it ok to: have a mage and druid camped at bottom of first ruins, lets say near the element princes, group toons, evac druid. camp mage, load/invite ur toon you want to kill with down there with log druid. load mage , coth char past content that isnt...
  6. Anti Eh

    6man thread

    Hello, curious if the following can be updated in the policy threads please. 6 man zones are basically raid zones that are balanced for groups of 6. This means that they follow the raid rules listed above while still being groupable content. In these situations you must have 6 or a capable...
  7. Anti Eh

    The Fae in Shadowdale

    Hello, I was wondering if it might be possible for the Named Fae to do a zone emote when they are attackable / not going to be invul if u try to engage them. Atm few friends and I have been messing around with this 6man, and almost every time we try to engage a named he is invul still. Here is...
  8. Anti Eh

    Reagent Conservation for clerics

    Hello, I noticed this problem for awhile but i personally just always carried a swap item or worm my low mana item that had reagent conservation on it. But it seems there is a lack of Reagent Conservation items for clerics as they go through the raid teirs. the only ones ive seen with the...
  9. Anti Eh

    length of warm, red thread.

    Recently went to farm some length of warm, red threads from the A failed iksar child in Citadel of the Claw. the drop rate on these seems to be very low/rare. killed about 20-25 children b4 i got owned by extra skeleton adds coming thru the walls in certain areas. Never seen any threads. Im...
  10. Anti Eh

    Have you seen this mob?

    Looking for Nurgath the Betrayed in Emberflow. He used to spawn in the darkelf wing otw to mistborn. Looks like a Red Skeleton. Have you seen him in the last year? If so pst to Nifera. thx
  11. Anti Eh

    wts Rez Urns

    wts Rez Urns 250p each /cmd listsold Timi
  12. Anti Eh

    Bards and + dbl attack

    I haven't parsed this myself but curious if + double attack skill mods will/can be made to effect bards. I know bards get the opportunity for double attacks to happen but its through an AA. And we get no real dbl atk skill. Thinking back i think i read something about +block skills giving...
  13. Anti Eh

    Runic: Anthem of Command

    The spell got changed the other day, making bards not able to Crowd control lvl 64 mobs anymore. And adding a longer refresh timer so you cant keep a mob locked down a mob without using mez as well.. I realize that probably to many mobs were flaged 64 and charmable, making this spell OP. It...
  14. Anti Eh

    tome of vitality

    Recently finished this tome but didnt notice any increase of hps on formelo or in game. I noticed resists dont show up and figured they are hidden like shared mind. But curious how the 1% hp tomes are added.. will i just go farther into purple bar if i die or something?
  15. Anti Eh

    Volume III tomes

    I was trying to activate my Tome of Bodily Resistance III tome in erimal and the npc keeps returning it to me without asking for a plat price like the others. Curious if this is buged atm? Since most of the III's i have seen are already no drop.
  16. Anti Eh


    Is there anyway I can edit the Camp button on my Action hotkeys, so it will do '/camp desktop' by default? Or is this hardcoded in the client.
  17. Anti Eh

    Disconnected Power Core

    Hello, I was curious if anyone else found a use for the Disconnected Power Core that drops from the Underhill Defense Prototype IV. Ive tryed every npc in underhill, steamfont, clockwork, envoy in sunder without any luck so far. Anyone else have any suggestions? thx
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