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  1. Anti Eh

    SoD Video Promotion Contest 1000 Fame for the winner!

    You can use OBS (open broadcast system) to record your game, and save it locally instead of pushing to a service like Twitch. OR In Windows 10 click Windows key + G to open the built in game recorder. It records EQ just fine
  2. Anti Eh

    2.5 on Linux

    Shouldn't have any problems running on Mint
  3. Anti Eh


    no confusion, never parsed one, half hits , 50%, haven't played since nerf. sounds legit. still didn't see no mention of 10% flat block rate in the math break downs in previous posts, but reading marza post says u get that 10% from ammo also now? uber
  4. Anti Eh


    Doesn't having the sword equip as a weapon give you a 50% chance to block melee hits (which is more then a shield would) and when equip to ammo it does not give this additional block rate? Didn't see any mention of this in the 4% spec posts, which is weird cause isn't that the op part of jyre
  5. Anti Eh

    Changing deity.

    Theres an npc directly south when you zone from athica to gfay in the southeast corner. She serves no god and no god loves her... she requires you need kill 500 A blood acolyte - get a (ruby) after that kill 500 An ysthar black knight -get a (swordblade) and then kill 500 A resolute guardian...
  6. Anti Eh

    what happened to Daenar? How does that guy get banned. Yale or bust, pst

    what happened to Daenar? How does that guy get banned. Yale or bust, pst
  7. Anti Eh

    Stupid Ghosts

    Triumvir Ikril Sel`yks says, 'Hello, low minded <Player Race>. You are weak and unprepared for anything I might require of one such as yourself. You should leave this place while your weak little soul is still able to.' take a raid to him since you alone are too weak maybe
  8. Anti Eh

    The Alkabor Project

    hey how'd you install yours? I was trying to get online on this server last weekend. Downloaded ' EQMac-Windows-eqmules-Edition-standalone-v2.1' but i get a cant load graphics error. Did you go with the actually PCMac version and run it thru Sheepemu or something?
  9. Anti Eh


    did a jyre drop and didnt have any big dik dkps
  10. Anti Eh

    Raid Bugs

    raids work.. still able to dual boxing healers like a boss, one handed while afk making a sandwich! npnp
  11. Anti Eh

    2.5 on Linux

    Awesome walk thru ~~ Thanks ~ Installed smooth using 5a) on ubuntu 16.04 play seems lil slow but definately doable, crashed with alt-enter but power thru ~ thanks
  12. Anti Eh

    Weekend pugs

    Lets raid Yale hardmode or bust
  13. Anti Eh

    New Halloween Event

    One good weekend away ~~ TGIF
  14. Anti Eh

    My 2.5 bug report thread

    - casting soulbound Relic bulwark of the high priest doesnt overwrite itself and says can not hold. - not sure but Innate Magic resists rank 1 might be named funny - Attacking Ulaz child of divine in inner prison gives you the Custodian message of you cant attack her and are frozen in fear...
  15. Anti Eh

    Does empty essence cage ever bug?

    Cant play the official Dragonlance boardgames without him
  16. Anti Eh

    Having difficulty

    31 all two boxing
  17. Anti Eh

    2.5 Update - 09/14/15 (and a plea)

    Nice one good weekend away eh. Can we get our beta tester char transfered to 2.5 instead of the live char if we beta test? Can we have a Oops a wiped you heal npc /autofollow us so we can test raids without actually requiring a raid ^^
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