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  1. Tarutao


    This will probably be a short-lived thread, but since there's actual discussion about the Channeling skill going on, this seems like a good place to move it. The discussion was inspired by a post by cian2 (Eisley) in the Tiers 9-11 thread. In order to keep that thread on topic, I quote here...
  2. Tarutao

    GM applications

    It's "make more GMs" time again! If you've applied before, then I've got your application on file, but I'd like you to apply again if you're still interested. Applications are to be e-mailed to me, and they should answer the following questions: (1) What is/are your main character(s)...
  3. Tarutao

    Tiers 9 through 11 balancing (See post #4 for current status)

    First post -- rules for this thread: Read that? Good. Here's a couple more rules for this thread. Include your main character's name and what guild they're in clearly or the post may be deleted. In this thread, it...
  4. Tarutao

    Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

    Monday December 17th Tao geeks out on nationally syndicated television. Check THIS LINK for where/when to watch in your area. Also, if you're tech-savvy and can find a way to get me an electronic copy and/or put it as an unlisted video on YouTube for all the non-USA people that might...
  5. Tarutao

    Level 65 Tradeskiller

    Looking to join some guilds over the next couple months. Mostly a social thing, trying to hop around and see how some of you operate and meet some of you I haven't met through <Dalayan Beginners> when I'm on Tao. Currently in Evolution -- looking for week-long social invites to guilds!
  6. Tarutao

    South Nadox

    <<The Nadox Crew>> is looking to recruit some backup members. Our core group of 6 is having difficulty finding times where we're all available at the same time, so we could use backups for each person. We're 7 bosses in, and we are itching to get that 8th boss killed soon. Our core group is...
  7. Tarutao

    SoD related websites -- 2012 version -- Must have list

    * * * CLICK HERE FOR SERVER AND ZONE STATUS * * * Basics: Shards of Dalaya Starter Info SoD IRC Channel Web based IRC client Manual Patch files (updated daily) Fomelo SoD Wikipedia Forums Account Management (including Change Password) EQPlayNice Listsold Vendor List (new) fomelo2wiki - for easy...
  8. Tarutao

    Ambuscade Expertise

    Please delete this tome. Please remove it from all loot tables. Please make it cease to exist. Rogues don't need 4 class tomes.
  9. Tarutao

    Raid Paradigm Changes (a celebration)

    As Shards of Dalaya approaches it's 10th birthday, it's an interesting exercise to look back and appreciate the changes that the game has gone through as far as design, capacity, community, structure, and much more. The Staff has recognized this and evolved with the game as well. Design...
  10. Tarutao

    Open Raiding Forum

    This is a forum for creating and organizing pickup raids. Open Raiding Rules - In this forum, you may post pick-up raids, discuss pick-up raids, raid targets and raid tiers, and post your interest in participating (ie: level 53 bard would be interested in a Traekoth raid, here is my fomelo) -...
  11. Tarutao

    Sample Pickup Raid Loot Rules Thread

    The purpose of this thread is to give an example of a good thread for a Pickup Raid in which the raid leader is claiming any coin/items for anyone in the raid. The rules thread for the Pickup Raid must be posted before engaging in the raid, but may be done after the raid reaches its...
  12. Tarutao

    SoD trivia contest

    When: Tuesday July 12th, probably around 7pm eastern Where: In-Game, probably will commandeer Plane of Sky or something for those participating. What: It's a contest of SoD knowledge. Make sure you know your lore, your zones, your trivia, your history, and other SoD-specific information...
  13. Tarutao

    Baking / Cooking Recipe Ideas Thread

    So, I ran a little low on tradeskill passion and creativity after revamping Fletching, but it's time to move on to Fishing and Cooking. I'll handle Fishing. Unless you have some amazing idea for which you can provide all of the details on in both the "what the idea is" and the "how to...
  14. Tarutao

    Trivia Contest Event (over)

    If you're interesting in an in-game trivia contest tomorrow starting some time around 9-10pm Eastern for the fame, prestige, and maybe fame points or something... then this is one of the two ways to sign up for the contest. Please include the name of the character that you are wanting to enter...
  15. Tarutao

    General Conduct Policies and Minor Offenses

    This is Version 3.1 (Tao's first revision) of this thread. A few things have been added, a few have been removed, and some have been changed. With the shortening of the Minor Offenses comes a more strict enforcement, though, so make sure to read it carefully! --- First off, a list of Minor...
  16. Tarutao

    Bodytype Bane Damage errors

    With an increase of people that care about bane damage (and hence, NPC Bodytype), it'd be nice to have a place to put those ones that just seem like errors. For example: "The giant brown recluses in Prophet's Landing are marked Insect instead of Arachnid". We've found and fixed quite a few...
  17. Tarutao

    Fletching Revamp Megathread

    List of things that have been done: (1) Removed pretty much everything you need to do every combine for Fletching except for quest combines (read: Swiftshot) (2) Added new components and new recipes for new arrows and new bows... and you should read the Item Lore on some of these items.... I...
  18. Tarutao

    Naming Policy Clarifications

    Our Naming Policy has evolved some in response to the HUGE variety of names (and creativity of users) since the initial policy was placed in the "Rules" page. As a result, I am posting this new clarifications thread and I hope it resolves what some people see as an "inconsistent" or "subjective"...
  19. Tarutao

    Gertund's Favor

    Issue handled. No further intervention or information needed. Thank you.
  20. Tarutao

    Hate's Fury

    It's been 4 months, and I still need Hate's Fury. I've failed it 23 times, 28 if you include 5 wipes due to the Stow Away bug. I don't want to continue this cycle of fail. Solution: Find interest, schedule time, win. So, if you're interested in winning Hate's Fury with me, post here...
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