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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    Trust me when I say that no gm has ever read the naming policy and that appealing to it is fruitless. You are not the first and certainly not the last. I've had a gm tell me to read it but somehow be unable to state which rule I broke leading to said name change. I'm still mad. Also rip one...
  3. Otcho

    Good bye old friend

    Dunno what happened but I had fun playing with you peridox and wish you the best.
  4. Otcho

    Covid return

    man i thought this thread was gonna be about demanding the bonus back
  5. Otcho

    The Platinum/Opus Problem

    as a side note can we have emberflow nameds spawn normally instead of sit on track for 2 hours. I don't actually know how this mechanic works but its frustrating. I will fully accept that I am just low intelligence but it always seems to be a source of disappointment when you're in the zone and...
  6. Otcho

    Instrument of Vengeance quest

    If its not in your inventory or your bank then you need to /petition and get a gm or dev to help you out, if petition fails you can always try asking for staff assistance in the discord.
  7. Otcho

    rtx on

    rtx on
  8. Otcho

    Shards Population, not so talkative?

    I would also like to suggest increasing the rate that players skill up. Even without massive experience bonuses I found my characters were woefully behind in casting or key class abilities by many levels on the way to max. Having to sit around and cast fleeting fury 17000 times isn't fun for...
  9. Otcho

    Create Mithril Armor / Weapons Vendors

    Yeah dropping the experience requirements would be a great idea. I agree most people should reroll but some players might neglect the adept thing and asking them to delete and do over leaves a nasty taste in their mouths. Having the adept suggestion popups was a great change.
  10. Otcho

    Create Mithril Armor / Weapons Vendors

    If you wanted people to have access to better weapons while minimally throwing tradeskillers under the bus you could just give every character access to all the learner weapons. maybe even decrease their experience requirements.
  11. Otcho

    Returning player lf best duo to do adepts with

    The best class for adepts is cleric. Monk is probably the other best class maybe warrior. You should play whatever you want to play though because access to community bots and others willing to help you will your choices less of an issue. You also get the fun of having the kind lady buff you now...
  12. Otcho

    New characters should not have their clients frozen, /cm Acceptrules needs to be changed

    This absolutely should be changed as soon as possible. I have seen multiple people complain about this and even some inside my own guild couldn't figure it out. New players just assume its horribly broken and give up.
  13. Otcho

    Something broke with your Launcher?

    this please, my new characters/accounts cant actually see the text in the window and I've seen a number of other people complain about it as well.
  14. Otcho

    Current Blessed Zones

    I was going to make a similar post earlier but got occupied. The problem with 65+ is a large number of the zones have been invalid for exp purposes. Not even just the two nerfed here but a decent number of them just had to long of respawn timers to be valid even 10 years ago for even a lower...
  15. Otcho

    My Rogue Wish List/Suggestions

    If traps are going to be a thing then please god make them not involve an item I have to use from inventory and then awkwardly hail to command.
  16. Otcho

    My Rogue Wish List/Suggestions

    Its been a really long time but I am fairly certain nightblade grace does avoid aoes. It is possible newer spells don't let it though. I will refrain from commenting on everything else but I think the greatest atrocities rogue suffer is just how bad they are for doing any form of questing or...
  17. Otcho

    Dissolvement of Shadows

    Dunno if anything new ever got added but in the past getting the 65 spells usually involved going to catacombs or halls of misery if you wanted any realistic drop chances. They drop off some multiday spawns as well. Besides this you had to go to a raid zone and pray for it. Might have forgotten...
  18. Otcho

    Armor Drops - Recommendation

    This part of the questline used to be a lot more tolerable when you could just drop down the hole and knock it out in an hour or two of casually logging in for elemental princes. Bumping the rest up to higher drop rates and or populating other zones would be nice.
  19. Otcho

    New player questions

    You did miss a bunch of adepts but its not that big of a deal if you aren't worried about some adept completion goal. Most adept gear is on par or atleast comparable with the better twink gear you can give low levels. The leveling experience however was never designed around this loot though...
  20. Otcho

    QoL idea's for inventory.

    does the current server/client have the functionality of aa clickies. can they just be made into those or something. ill pour a forty for the guys who aren't happy about their itemization min maxing being trivialized in exchanged for bag slot.
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