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  1. Otcho


    Apparently tapein has passed away. I don't know whats happened. I don't know what to say. This sucks to find out. I know many of you have had good (and bad) times with tapein and he will sorely be missed.
  2. Otcho

    Feign Death

    Can we remove/fix: 1) Pets vanishing if you stay feigned long enough. 2) Experience penalty hits from monks/whatever feigning during a monk. The second I assume is some anti-PL code or mechanic that probably never had much of a reason to exist on sod. both are annoying and bothersome.
  3. Otcho

    Spellbook Warning:

    I am not entirely sure on the mechanics of what breaks here or why but by my best guess: Do not scribe spells in the later spellbook pages(50+). Upon doing so on an alt I've found that: You will not be able to memorize the spells. You cannot move the spells to a different page/slot. You...
  4. Otcho

    First 2.5 thread

    We did it. Thanks staff for all the hard work. Also first pointless complaint thread: argghg turnrates. Also: BANK SPACE
  5. Otcho

    Free Game (Warlock) 24 hours Free game, warlock master of the arcane. Kind of a sequel to majesty. Cool Game
  6. Otcho


  7. Otcho


    Hello, apparently when you feign death as a pet class and stay feigned for a minute or two your pet decides its time to commit seppuku. From what I have been told this pet suicide is a legacy from live where pets were apparently considered "True entities" or whatever the fuck you want to call...
  8. Otcho

    Effects of exhaustion

    Hello I have prowled this forum for atleast 5 minutes and cannot find any post in which a dev confirms what the penalties of your character being exhausted are. I'm talking about hitting that double damage stance and being out of stamina and unable to stance for 5 minutes or whatever it is...
  9. Otcho

    Athica is full of terrorists

    You might think athica is a pretty cool place to hang out and socialize(get diseases) but little known to the general population is the truth that athica is actually full of radical extremists intolerant of others beliefs. Or atleast your class. These bastards roam across athica around the...
  10. Otcho

    A grand injustice Do not have necromancer on them. They have not had necromancers on them for years. Many threads have been made but yet necromancers in valora must suffer. Devs where are youu.
  11. Otcho

    WTB Insidious stab 2

    WTB Insidious stab 2/Avoidance 2 / mitigation 2 Pay big bucksss, message me on forum or reply here I suck and dont log in.
  12. Otcho


    Can we finally cut down the spawn time in this zone, It made sense when you could make a lot of easy money in the zone however now that the merchant value of those has been taken away the zone just kind of falters. Even in the lowest end of experience groups you have ample time to clear the...
  13. Otcho

    Damage Shield

    Hello, Is it possible to have damage shields triggered on mitigated hits(damage reduction/armor/whatever). I feel its pretty awkward that my ability to kill weaker mobs is actually worse than that of challenging ones because of this damage source being robbed from me. This thread may entirely...
  14. Otcho

    Haegra malath

    Hello can anyone dev or player wise confirm to me that the armies of insects and mushrooms were removed from this zone. Ive been looking for them for the last week with zero results. I however know they used to bug out and completely vanish like this as well but then again there were a lot of...
  15. Otcho


    The mirrors in DFS currently do not work, I have not tested this on multiple characters but I can say for a fact that: The nameds are down/dead The trash is dead Yet the mirrors will not let me go up to the next floor. The mirrors from yinazra secret portal observatory mirror room do...
  16. Otcho

    Rogue thing

    Rogues are currently the only class who does not benefit fully from haste increases, The last parses I did said around 45%~ of our damage output was through backstab. Haste only counts for backstab up to a certain point(100%?) in which there appears to be a hard cap on the client in which the...
  17. Otcho

    Natural selection 2

    I hope I am not the only one who is hype for this game. If you played natural selection one I will get you an invite to fwf and tier 13 loots.
  18. Otcho

    Fomelo and banned characters

    Can we bring back the ability to fomelo banned characters for the sake of nostalgia. There is no good reason for this request. However we used to be able to do this and I want to look at banned peoples equipment.
  19. Otcho

    wtb: Insidious stab 1 / Sinister revenge 1

  20. Otcho

    Tome of vitality

    While I am glad to have this badge of honor on my fomelo it would be pretty cool to know if this is ever coming back/going to have an effect. I remember there being talk of alternative usages for the tome since apparently the client didn't like to give people bonus health but apparently nothing...
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