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    Opethiqa;Raid groups

    I Have started a SOD raid group on FB if anyone is interested in joining send me a tell with your real name and ill ad you to it or msg me in game. looking to pug valor A ,Prison, and POW also a few higher snipes also if your putting together some pugs of your own id be interested in joining...
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    Opethica clears name

    It came to my attention last night that i had developed a bad wrap for something someone else has done and some how or another i was confused with that person but took blame ..just so you know I am a noob everyone knows that. i die everyday i play but i have busted my but to learn, listen to...
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    WTS ED maps

    listsold ohealica
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    first war class tome
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    Silver Crown; Jildo's map quest

    this is a quest that startes in everfrost where im given 4 blank parchments and asked to map out different locations in the following zones.The Great Divide, Eastern Wastelands,Frosthorn Coast and Wyvernfang Coast.all the locations where pretty specific and easily mapped except the dragon bone...
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