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  1. Thade

    WTB Word of Power II, Magic Mastery II, Bodily Resilence II, Striking II, Vitality II

    Bodily Resil II 10k Striking II 10k Vitality II 10k List send to Juffington anytime. Got word of power, magic II still need the rest.
  2. Thade

    Cascading Vim

    Druids are one of the two healers with group healing capabilities. Their current highest level group heal is from level 63, Circle of Vitality. It’s healing has not kept up with current hp pools. My druid with buffs has about 11000 hit points. Without daytime healing bonus, My druids circle of...
  3. Thade

    Goon Squad

    Goon squad is a tier 11-12 guild that raids 3 nights a week (T/Th/Sun). We’re not recruiting dudes to sit on our bench and/or only show up to raids one night a week. Requirements: You must be an SA member or not be a shitbag. Quest augs Done (MQ, BS/COI/SC, Deity) Drive to Actually improve...
  4. Thade

    QOL Change - Mask of the Hunter Base Duration Increase

    Would it be at all possible to increase the base duration of this spell? It's base being one hour means even with max buff duration aa's etc it only lasts about two hours. Compared to every other self buff, most of which have a four or more hour base duration. If it had a longer base duration...
  5. Thade

    Instincts and Intentions - Faentharc Event - Bug

    Zone: Faentharc Character: Juffington Mob: A vicious treant stalk Twice now i've fulfilled the requirements of this event on my druid (kill 20 a vicious stalk in faentharc in less than 45 minutes) neither time have I gotten a journal update. Not sure what's causing this because I've done this...
  6. Thade

    Is it possible to revert the spell gem changes and make them optional?

    Personally not a fan of these new spell gems. They do not mesh well with my UI at all and its actually hard to tell what a lot of spells are now because their icons make no sense relative to my UI. I've talked to several other people who also don't like them. Can we just make these optional like...
  7. Thade

    Buying Druid Spells

    Buying the following druid spells. Send a tell to jauth/juffington/xada if you are selling any of them! or listsold them straight to juffington: 61 - Shield of Spines 63 - Flamestrike 64 - Rootcall Thanks!
  8. Thade

    CM stats showing how much to new area reset

    Would it be possible to have cm stats give a rough idea how far you are away from your new area reset? I know it's a large amount of exp and I don't think it really needs to say "You are ten billion experience away from a new area reset", but even a rough estimate "You have ten percent left to a...
  9. Thade


    Terrible has returned and is looking to finish filling out its roster to return to t5 ish raiding. We're largely comprised of old t11+ raiders. However we enjoy the lower level content, and enjoy climbing through the tiers. We are Giant Ally (Giants are friends! Dragons are food.) Raid Hours...
  10. Thade

    7k Hp 334 AA SK LF US Guild, Comes with t12 Shaman/Bard

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a guild on my Shadowknight Jauth in tow will be my t12 shaman/bard Thade/Juff. No I will not main my shaman or bard for you, but I will gladly box them on Raids where my sk is present. Prefer something that is US based starting no later than like 9 eastern.
  11. Thade

    Private Classic Wow Server

    I know other people have played/expressed interest in private wow servers here in the past, so I figured I'd share the info for a new private classic wow server being released this saturday. All info about the server can be found at If anyone is interested i'll be...
  12. Thade

    Bard Dot Stacking

    Would it be possible to make bard dots stack (damage alone, not the debuff, of course). Months back cyzaine had mentioned something about this as well as making scitterpox stack. Well scitterpox stacks now, however bard dot's don't. And being that ikisith has largely negated the use of the...
  13. Thade

    WTB Tome of bodily resil

    PM Me on juff/daju in game. TIA.
  14. Thade

    Refuge bug: Bind broken, raptor quest related.

    When you first get the quest to kill raptor in the Main quest in ikisith, it resets your bind point to effectively banish you from refuge until you kill him. I finished this months ago on my bard, Juff. Afterwards I was able to come in go from the refuge again as you are supposed to be able to...
  15. Thade

    AoD and bards

    Is it possible to make AoD work for bard songs/dds? This would be considerably better than GoG for a bard (like 3x as effective actually) and would give something for an enchanter to actually cast on a bard in a group/6 man.
  16. Thade

    Selo's Assonant Strane

    So during all of old world content this song was pretty awesome because most things weren't immune to snare. So if you wanted to ae slow on a bard voila nice and easy. But... most everything in ikisith is immune to snare, rendering this spell useless. I suggest making this song cast two...
  17. Thade

    Elemental Embodiment

    What does this tome actually do? It's written in engrish and is really unclear what it actually does
  18. Thade

    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    In this thread we will compose a list of top players from each class based on major stats, AA's, Tomes, etc. Rules 1. These ranks are based on fomelo statistics. 2. Gtoo replay rule: You must indisputably pass the incumbent spot holder in the rankings and not just be a tiny smiggle better or...
  19. Thade

    Bard Runic 2!

    So, I acquired the bard runic2 last night! And after to talking to two different devs who basic response was "bards get a runic2?!?!" I was told to try to come up with ideas for something not overpowered and bardy. First I want to talk about the current placeholder just in case it ends up...
  20. Thade

    Spiritual attuning

    Okay, this spell really needs to stop being nerfed. Don't get me wrong, it was really good at doing the one thing it was useful for (Healing casters) but now, you're just making it bad. The problem with the spell flat out is it's only use is for healing casters because of the 20% slow crippling...
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