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    Dark Rot Explanation

    First of all, I debated whether to put this in Roleplaying or not. However I don't believe everyone checks Roleplaying so much as the General Discussion so if I want people to read this, it should probably go here. Second of all, none of the information in this thread is anything new to the...
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    Fearstone Keep

    I spent a little (actually a LOT) of time in Fearstone today due to being extremely bored while waiting for an Everchill group to get a spot for me. I'm an easily amused individual so I figured beating up some lizards would help pass the time. Besides, I could use a few items for my new baby...
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    Ring 5

    Myself and several others started working on the Newport Ring V quest tonight. We went out to EPL and practiced on a few normal Plague Priests, then we moved in to some inn camp on the north wall. There's a large hill to the east of it which may or may not be relevant. We pulled the Plague...
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    Sergeant's Ring subquest

    Well, I got my Newport Sergeant's Ring today. It's lovely, I <3 it, blah blah. Well I completed it at night. Now the last time I completed Ring 3, Halsey didn't even spawn at night so maybe this was changed. But the last time I got this far, some cheeky little halfling called me out and demanded...
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    I am so not new, but I feel like it

    Yeah.  I'm not new at all.  You may remember me as Ykarri, ex-Beyond member and I was a member of Steel before I dropped off the face of the earth due to a busted computer.  Unfortunately, its been a long time and I don't even remember what my account name was.  If I ever figure it out, I'll log...
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