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    New Racial Abilities - HUMAN/Monk

    We have revamped the innate abilities of each race in the game. We are hoping this change will make things a bit more interesting and balanced (no more supergnomes!) Be aware that numbers may change in the future as we get everything situated! ___ The popular choice has always been Iksar...
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    Council of Innovation Scraps

    Graverobbing quest for CoI is borked from what I see Scrap of Writing do not drop from basement mobs in Shrouded Isle or the drop rate has been altered severely. 4 clears not a single scrap
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    Cleric - new heal idea

    at the end game when people have heal increment + tomes cleric healing tank for 5k+ hp without critical is a bit too much and most of the times not necessary. For it to take a full advantage cleric would have to land a heal roughly when tank is at less than 50% hp which is iffy at best. A lot of...
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    Swarm Mastery

    can an official SoD admin/dev/??? person who knows for the fact what do Swarm Mastery and Lesser Swarm Mastery focus effects do please. From hearsay: Swarm Mastery - increases effects of all slow spells by 10%
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    Item inconsistancies

    Tiny Royal Crest earing with type 5 augment slot instead of 3 Robe of Ignorant Bliss races that can not wear robes should be taken out. Dorfs come to mind
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    Newport Ring 4 - bug

    I've finished the quest and hailed that cap for the reward. What happen after was my inventory was full and I've only received the ring but not the counter agent and it isn't in the bank.
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    Innate criticals

    Clerics/Warriors - make sense that they get them Wizards who in my opinion are the caster counterpart of rogue class also get criticals. I am not entirely sure why paladins (against normal mobs) get them but they have them. Rogues do not receive those even thought I always thought they are...
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    Shape of the Earth Mother

    Can Shape of the Earth Mother (Druid AA) be made either: a. non kos in towns b. get dispelled upon zoning That would be lovely. I just don't get why this illusion behaves outside of regular rules that illusion gets dispelled upon zoning unless its some chanter stuff. Wolf form drops upon...
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    What style to use as a warrior

    I was wondering what style(s) should I use for taking as lvl 40+ warrior?
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    Enthann Augs

    I am trying to figure out what stone do I need to use to get good shaman charm augment from Enthann quest. I find the description a bit vague on whats what and since there are a lot of choices(which is way cool!) would be nice to have some info / screen shots. so supposedly: mageblade's ruby -...
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    Robbing banks

    Why cant I turn in purses from the robed bank at the fence in rogue guild in NNP? I can rob bank by myself no prob but turn in is not accepted. Is this intended?
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    you attempt to lock your foe into a duel with you

    As a warrior I get this message "you attempt to lock your foe into a duel with you" This is a new innate proc that warriors got from level (1?) now. On your first hit you instant gain some points worth of aggro. The number scales with warrior level. This skill is passive you dont need to presse...
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    Healing Sleep - Shaman AA

    I suggest making this an instant cast. Its very seldom used by anyone who has it. Cast time sucks it doesn't save much mana cause its very seldom in any of my groups that we stop and sit for med time unless its after a wipe but then everyone is at full hp anyways. I am definatly not healing self...
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    Codex of Power

    I am trying to find out all of the details on this thing. Cant find for the life of me any of the useful posts. What I ran into are the polls about who gonna finish the tomes first :) Anyways maybe Nwaij will come to the rescue. She usually good at this stuff. BTW anyone who has completed some...
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    Big thanks to developers of HHK!

    Guys I just want to thank your for this zone. I've been on and of xping here for month and love every part of this zone! The lore is awesome. Getting introduced to The Earth Terror is awesome. All the locked doors and figuring out how to proceed is awesome. The loot is awesome. Just love the...
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    SPELLs by Buka 11/28

    UPDATED: 11/28 To buy an item browse Buka's and Vartenaal listsold or send me a tell in game. You are also to welcome to do requests here but they will get least priority. /cm listsold Buka /cm listsold Vartenaal Spell pricing: (Prices can and will vary) 61 Spells: 150pp 62 Spells: 250pp 63...
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    To Play in the Forest - coi

    - If I fail this quest is it possible to redo it or is it gone forever? (I've waited real time week to retry and still cant do it.) - Feedback Prod clikie is being resisted on Rinbo wile being used with level 65 character. - There is close to no way to keep him on the road btw. The first time...
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    Monk weight limit

    General Information ( From Wiz) So level 65 monk weight limit is 20.5? 14 + 6.5 (65/10) = 20. I get message that I am beein pinalized after passing 18 stones. Is this intended?
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    Personally as a monk shaman duo, that I play now almost exclusively, I am not overly concerned by CMAL drops. The thing that always bugged me is that whenever I end up in CMAL (usually for some warrior buddy trying to camp his gloves ) most of the drops rot. There are 15 classes in the game and...
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