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    BEHOLD ! Dumpster Fire is Recruiting NEW and RETURNING players ! Message Chrux Nation on Shards of Dalaya Discord !

    Since Dalaya's Beginners is pretty much dead most the time my guild and I have taken to "adopting" all the new peeps and old returners ! So shoot me a msg and I will invite you to discord and the guild ! We are 200% casual and just try to have fun and help the new peeps and old peeps so hit me...
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    I summon the weakest/strongest necromancers forth 1/65

    Kaarsk already posted the site listing.
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    What would you ask Wiz if you had 1 question only !

    Where did I go wrong ?
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    Bard Exploits

    Ok just hit 46 and noticed bard issues~ Bard can charm a mob then said mob pet goes away break their charm then mez the mob, after mezing the mob can then go charm another mob cast haste and dmg shield for it then duck to remove the mez on the first mob send pet in, thats all ok right ? But...
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    I will break your game for you to show you how to improve it

    If you do not desire me to find bug's and exploits hollar but i will report them as soon as i find them
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    Is this allowed ?

    Can I Manaburn and use the suicide death nuke on 2 wizards then log 2 more in repeat until i run out of wizards ?
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    ~Jail Time~ must this time be served online ?

    Just curious if I have to have my character online or if I can be offline and wait out the suspension any information would be greatly appreciated =)
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    Exploitation and Necromancers/ Shadowknights

    I am curious if it is an exploit to cast a dammage over time spell on an enemy and then use Feign death either by necro sk or by druid shaman dotting the enemy and then the necromancer casting enstill feign death upon them. This also apply's to raid encounters are you allowed to tash/malo/slow...
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    Boss Dragons in DHK yield no faction above indif for SK ?

    Wondering why I cannot get faction from the boss mobs in dhk for SK ?
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    Wraithbond and other dot healing line spells crit dammage

    I am a necromancer and it really hurts when i heal someone and the dot from healing them crits me =(
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    Missing necromancer spells Deadly Spirit and Vexing Spirit

    Can anyone tell me where to find these i think they were removed from the vendors ive checked alot
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