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    anyone in touch with cinn

    Anyone know if cinn kicked the meth or heroin, whichever it was, and if he's even still alive? He was good dude, but he went south hard.
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    Wiki Top 5

    Wiki Class Top 5 *Unofficial* Wiki Top 5 - crowdsourced by better people than me Update it as needed, by following the diretions and guidelines found here. In the case of heated contention or strong disagreements: post a legitimate thorough comparison in this thread to justify why you...
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    For the lovers of rogue-likes I stumbled across this It's basically nethack with graphics, with a more fluid system for the whole turn based concept (they move while you move, nothing happens when you don't). It's $2 to unlock the whole game, assuming you manage to...
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    The generation of rational paranoia

    We are the generation of rational paranoia. I feel bad for the next generations who will grow up not knowing a world without this. The best part is distinguishing who exactly it is you should be paranoid of having this newly analysed data. Maybe its our goverment, if you have reason to fear...
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    Goodbye from stral

    Time for me to move on to whatever it is I end up doing. This game kicks ass, and I'll probably hop on to play with future patch changes but otherwise I'm off for at least 6 months. Have fun folks. Dry sarcasm lost Stilted speech quite peculiar Reality time
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    Enc idea

    So I've been getting back into sod as of late, and thought of an interesting idea that wouldn't be class changing, but might be a cool feature to add to the enc class. Enchanters can keep up 2825 pts of rune on themselves, with 25% block added if their pet is up next to them, making them the...
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    Clockwork Behemoth

    I was going through the mq text for the Clockwork Behemoth to destroy it (it ate both the dirt and the book) but upon giving it the destruction phrase it stopped responding. Any help here would be greatly appreciated. In-game name: Neri
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    Chanter tomes

    Do enchanter tomes affect rune damage absorbed? (going under the assumption no) Is there any particular reason they dont? Seems like it would make tomes much more worthwhile on an enc.
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    Coi aug upgrade

    I ranked up from associate to senior with coi and went to turn in my Associate's badge, only to have it returned to me. Now when I hail about advancement however, I receive "I am Sorry, Senior Assistant. You have not yet earned the next rank. Seek out the various Council camps in the Storm...
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    Raid content

    Hey, I just discovered the server and like what I'm seeing about it so far. I'm just wondering, how much end game raid content is available currently? Was having trouble finding this information, though I'm sure it exists somewhere :). Thanks.
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