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  1. Animand

    Forond’s Fortifications suggestion

    I have done or attempted this quest at least 5 times. I’ve completed it twice IIRC. I did it on Cless because I wanted to see how rewarding it was and to do all the Kelethin and Greater Faydark quests available to him. Also, I like wearing the look of newbie armor sets because I’m weird, so I...
  2. Animand

    What the tier list?!

    Something seems.... different starting around tier 8 or 9. Anyone wanna claim this one?
  3. Animand

    Selling Superb Quivers to order! Only 800p!

    That's right, folks, for the low price of 800p, I will happily fill your order for the Superb Quiver of your Elemental or Bane choice! Just send me a PM with what you want and I'll be happy to work out an arrangement! Large orders happily accepted! I have a serious need for some mind-numbing...
  4. Animand

    Bounty Hunting!

    I like doing bounties, but I don't usually have many people to do them with. Also, I see some people in the 55+ crowd getting into them, so here's my plan. I want to get a large group of people together to meet at a fairly regular time of day to form a raid (or two!) to go do all the bounties...
  5. Animand

    Server first kills still happen

    And in somewhere like Nadox, you don't even have to be uber. No tomes, bad gear, no problem! Anyways, this is the 7th boss of Nadox, and we killed it at like 4 AM Eastern. Thanks to Zaela for an awesome fun zone.
  6. Animand

    Cless needs a new home!

    I've been around for forever, and my fomelo is in my sig, so I'll skip most of the usual. I've been in the top guild(s) for years because of my friendships and how long I've played, but I don't have a raid slot, and I'm a bit behind them in gear. I've stuck around because we have a lot of fun in...
  7. Animand

    Google Chrome

    Before you all start asking these questions: Google Chrome is a browser. It's in beta. It's free for download, and I've provided a link to where you can get it at the bottom of my post. Has anyone else gotten this and tried it yet? I'm loving it. It seems to load complicated stuff faster than...
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