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    Haunted Treant and the Pristine Galewood Amulet

    Quest Giver: Antha Silvarum Level: 20-32 Problem: Looking over quests I was going to work on for my season characters I stumbled onto a problem. The Galewood Amulet final stage requires you to kill the Haunted Treant... an Adept. Adepts are disabled for Season Toons. Solution: Would it...
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    Mage Pet switch

    Ponderings of Magician Pets. Might be more work then its worth but Ill toss it out thier anyways. Currently mages are locked into picking 1 pet type, and useing it until they ether kill it off or it dies. *relic pet is a whole different can-o-worms* The thought, instead of having...
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    Flame of Light

    This spell has almost Zero use for a paladin when they get it. Flame of Light: Classes: PAL(50) Mana cost: 85 Range: 200 Spell skill: Evocation Cast time: 2 seconds AE radius: 0 Resist type: Magic Recharge time: 18 seconds AE duration: N/A Resist adjust: 0 Duration: N/A...
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    The King's head Must Roll!!

    Problem: Currently after gaining Ally faction with dragon/Giant you need to turn in the opposites leaders head. The Problem of course is the number of toons on the server needing these heads. Main characters that worked thier way throw the tiers general were lucky enough to be able to down...
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    Easy Tmaps Quest Item

    We are on map Easy Tmap #18 and still no quest drop. 2 other people I know are on Map 13 and Map 15 with no Quest Drop ether. Just wondering if anyone can confirm seeing a Easy Tmap quest item drop in the last week?
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    Nabal's Discount Junk

    Spells: 61 - 100pp 62 - 150pp 63 - 200pp *some spells may be varied up in price a bit, but generaly no Follow Spells are on Nabal's Listsold: Sorry Currently Cleaned out Check out Nabal's Listsold for these spells.
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    Nabal Discount Spells (61-62) 1 odd 65 spell

    nohthing to see Delete thread please
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    Policy Question

    Is thier any policy vs Physicaly blocking someone from a area? I personaly have never had it come up, but it dawned on me while at a certain camp that you could very easyly with a ogre or troll physicaly block someone from ever being able to get near said camp. *no I am not asking to see...
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    Newport Rogues hate Vah bards:(

    So I went and completed this quest on my Vah bard. " Dal Dannan is located in the Bard guild in Southern Newport. Give him 10 platinum for a letter to give to Crow in the Crow's Bar in North Newport. Alters faction from KOS to Amiable with the Rogue's Guild, which is hidden behind a picture...
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    Wrong Zone Name

    Not a big game breaker or anything but... When you zone from The Mountain Crags of Tarhyl to The Runnyeye Citadel it tells me I am entering Beholder's Lair (which would have been the orginal zone route). Just on the Load Screen, the text in your chat window after zoneing says The Runnyeye...
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    Alakazarr, Grand Summoner

    Drops from Manifestations of Elements MAGIC ITEM - LORE ITEM - NO DROP Slot: PRIMARY Skill: 2HB Atk Delay: 50 DMG: 38 Skill Mod: Channeling +10% Effect: Call of the Hero (Condition: Click, 12.0) Focus Effect: Companion Health VI AGI: +35 INT: +35 CHA: +50 STA: +35 HP: +145 MANA...
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    CoI - Rinbo Strongfoot bug :(

    Working my Way throw the CoI quests I realized I had forgotten Rinbos quests. Going back I find I cannot get Rinbo to respond to me in any way shape or form. When hailed he just says... "Hello Ibuki!, Pleasant day isn't it?" nothing more. I have skiped over him and done almost all...
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    Mage Dot line + Summoned Items

    Currently mages have a line of spells that starts in thier 40s and then abrutly ends mid 50s. Mages also seem slightly behind here and thier on DPS compared to other DPS classes. Suggestion: Reduce the Casting time on Elemental Maelstrom and Wrathe of Elements to 3.5 sec. , maybe even 3...
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    Ganzese's Burning Signet- No Aug slot

    Like the title says... It lacks any Aug slot and is a ring from (FG named). Could a type 3 aug slot be added pretty please :)
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    Froglok worshiping Althuna?

    Other then Paladins is thier a way for a Froglok to worshipp Althuna? I looked over the deity thread, and it seems that once you have choosen a deity your stuck with it unless you want to go Pariah or Divine Light. Since Frogloks start as Malath (unless Paladins) your kinda stuck by the...
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    Manifestations of Elements

    Question + Suggestion Question.... is Manifestations of Elements intentionaly not flaged as Elementals for the purpose of bane spells? Suggestions (if above is true).... Considering thier name, and what they are if its not a mistake that they are currently not flaged could they become...
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    New Zones locations?

    Were are these new zones located? In relation to other zones. I could just explore, but as some of these new zones are from Omens. I dont want to accidently zone into it and crash :( I currently do not have Omens files so guessing my characters would get stuck in limbo should I zone into...
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    CoI- How many missions is enough?

    Just completed what I thought would be the final mission to finish off my CoI aug. Low and behold I was wrong.... I keep hearing that you dont have to do all of the missions, and that some are worth more then others. but I am now stareing down the last 2 missions I havn't done and...
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    Knight 1h Weapons T1-T5

    Me and a few others are starting to wonder if Knights might have a gap in 1h weapons during Tier 1 throw Tier 5 (no experience yet with Tier 6+). Only talking about Knight only weapons with higher normal ratios then thier dual wield counterparts. Currently what I have found.. Blade of the...
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    Lotto... And who Won?

    So spill the beans for those of unlucky bums that had to go to work and miss the lotto. Who won what :) and did Wiz's Random Number machine get stuck on anything less then 150 again.
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