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  1. Salarus

    Characters 'invisible' after zoning

    When zoning, some of the time one or both of my characters appear out of zone to other characters in my group. I usually /cm refresh and it solves the issue, but it seems to be happening more frequently. I just tried installing fresh from steam, as someone mentioned this could solve the issue...
  2. Salarus

    Rogue Suggestions

    Going to copy Kedrin and just post this as more pops up. So far: 1) Heat lasts way too damn long. I spent 3 hours actively trying to pick pocket/burn heat, and still haven't gotten my QP for the 2nd rogues hood. A decrease in heat duration, or an increase in being noticed until you draw heat...
  3. Salarus

    Heals - Better, but still lacking.

    Class: Druid/Shaman (possibly Cleric too!) Spells: Greater Healing, Superior Healing Feedback: Since I last played, heals at lower levels have been buffed to scale up in power as you level. This was a huge QOL enhancement low-mid as the heals were never strong enough, even before buffed...
  4. Salarus

    WTS T Boots - *s* 800p PM me here, or Tazingo/Ashiro in game. Will take trades for Shaman/Warrior gear, or Shaman Spells
  5. Salarus


    Hey.... So I apparently made an account name and character name that means something very bad. Normally, I would just delete the character and forget about it, but given how bad said thing is, I was hoping I could have the account entirely deleted. I hope this is possible, and not too much...
  6. Salarus

    Account Registration Issue

    I was creating a new account for an alt, and just got this message: Creating Accounts... Error: Registration denied due to matching a known spambot. Return to Registration I made an account using the same email a couple days ago and didn't receive this error. Any thoughts?
  7. Salarus

    Donation Link from Patcher

    Not sure this is the correct place for this, but the donations link from the SOD patcher I have does not work - assuming the link needs to be updated as it works from the site just fine.
  8. Salarus

    Guild Creation

    I'm back. Rykke is back. We brought a cool dude with us form Agnarr, since, damn, this server is just SO MUCH BETTER. One thing we really enjoyed on Agnarr though, was the ability to easily create guilds for just a few friends. I would like to request if someone has time that we enable this, as...
  9. Salarus

    /bug hall of shame

    I put in two bug reports out of concern that certain things were missing from loot tables. Turns out I was just having the worst luck I've ever seen with the RNG. I would like to submit my nominations for the /bug hall of shame. Please share your stories and feel free to throw mud on your own...
  10. Salarus

    Early Gameplay Suggestions

    As some of you may know, I've spent way too much time leveling characters from scratch (both twinked and untwinked) over the past 10 years or so. I probably do this because I like making myself suffer or something (read: I have FIVE WARRIORS), but in doing so I've noticed a few pretty silly...
  11. Salarus

    COP Halp

    I have recently returned to playing, and love that COPs are no longer a thing. That being said, I'm having some difficulty locating a thread explaining the changes & how it all works now. I notice that my mains (Salarus/Zatik) sit at 20% (they had max COPs) but Lobsang/Zecceriah/Delikar are...
  12. Salarus

    Video Card Halp

    I am bad at computers. My Video Card is shitting out, and I need to get a new one, but I don't know anything about anything. Here is what I have (don't laugh too hard) Quad core 2.5ghz processors 8 gigs of ram NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 v2 600w Power supply I think that is all that is relevant...
  13. Salarus

    A Minor Change

    Hi, I really like playing the early game, and after a leveling a number of clerics and druids and a shammy, something kinda became apparent. As a druid or shaman until 19, trash mobs hit harder in 1 round than you heal for. It is pretty silly. I suggest moving the "Healing" spell for both of...
  14. Salarus

    Elab Chests

    This thread was made roughly 2 years ago regarding this: I am requesting that the suggestion in the middle of the thread be looked at again. The suggestion was to have the ToT weapon QP have a small chance to...
  15. Salarus

    WTB Tomes

    Looking to purchase the following tomes: Manual of Condemnation I Divine Radiance I PM me here with your price or /tell me in game on Salarus, Zatik or Lobsang. Thank you.
  16. Salarus

    LF raids/6 man

    Hello, Coming back to play casually, but with no firm schedule. Have a few toons I could raid/6man on on some nights, do things like this still happen with any regularity? Toons: Cleric: Paladin...
  17. Salarus

    Forum Etiquette

    This is a request of everyone in general. Can we please, please not be jerks on here? If someone has a really bad idea, just say "hey, I don't think this makes sense because x/y/z" in a civil manner. If you're the creative type, maybe throw in a joke or two, but name calling and the like only...
  18. Salarus

    Video Issues

    Apologies if this was addressed somewhere else, as to my understanding a computer is run by gnomish slave labor, just like these forums. A few months back I put in a new video card (with the help of a competent co worker (I did not see any gnomes for the record, but I figured they were hiding...
  19. Salarus

    Newport Ring Quests

    Hello, and thank you for reading another item thread by yours truly. When I first came to this server a number of years ago, I had a great time with the Newport Ring quests. Really, the line is well done, the story is epic (I was blasting Knight of Cydonia as loud as my speakers could bear...
  20. Salarus

    Buying TS Stuff

    Bear Skins - 5pp Each Spider Silk - 2pp each Also does anyone sell Ointments and Green Ointments? /cm listsend Danis
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