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    Althua augment quest

    I've been to CoM several times over the last week to start this quest and Judge Rouf Stoutmane is nowhere to be seen. I've had my ranger friend try to track him with no luck as well. Is he a hunted man or something?
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    Listsold filters?

    I know you don't want an elaborate system in place but, as a newbie, I've been spending a tedious amount of time digging through the listsold only to find that a large portion of the descriptions aren't always relevant to what is being sold (if they indicate it at all). I think I have a...
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    Need a decent mid-level pally 1H

    Anyone have a suggestion? I'm completely new to SoD so I have no twinkability options. I only have around 80pp on me and my armor, at 31, is still very hurting but I'm really itching to get a one hander and get into the new mechanics the devs have offered up with bash aggro and such. While I...
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    What classes do the GMs/Devs play?

    I didn't really see a forum for this so I posted here. I'm always curious when I play a game as to what classes the guys who run it play. For some reason that's really interesting to me. I remember Aradune on live and some of the live lore surrounding his ranger character. It was kind of...
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    Newbie gear path

    I'm playing a paladin (Serif). I've made it to level 11 so far. With the lack of a searchable database of items (not knocking it, I think that was a good idea), it's difficult to know what path I should follow for upgrades... being a newbie, I don't even know what's available or how much it...
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    Veteran EQ player new to Dalaya

    I normally don't bother with hellos on forums but I've been welcomed so nicely be a couple of players that I thought I would thank them publicly. Thanks to Ziarre/Cabria and Manos for going out of their way to give a complete newbie a little boost. To the rest of you, my play style is...
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    Paladin: Better than Live?

    Hi all. I'm brand new on SoD and I have a question. Did a search but couldn't find it specifcally addressed so I apoligize in advance if it has been discussed too often before. I am a paladin. Can't help it. It's just my playing personality. I've played other classes and done well enough...
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