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  1. Superindeed

    Kraulk's Feedback

    Hi all, here's some feedback on quests and items I've come across so far, I'll continue to post in this thread my future findings. I'm loving Season 1 so far, keep up the good work! Grobb Quests After running through most of the newbie Grobb quests on a Shaman and Warrior, I feel a few of the...
  2. Superindeed

    Red Sun Peaks - Weird map loading issue

    Okay, so this bug is pretty wild. When I enter Red Sun Peaks (from druid port so far) it seems that my client is loading the wrong zone files. I'm either stuck in the sky, or I can run around on a map but it's not populated with mobs. People I've been with say they can see my characters, or...
  3. Superindeed

    Should I come back?

    Been playing SoD on and off for years, played a bit last year but dropped off due to IRL stuff. I'd really like to start from scratch on some fresh characters, hit up all the adepts etc. Eventually hit 60, get into raiding, but I'm concerned about the end game. I have two previous 65's I played...
  4. Superindeed

    Oh boy, here we go again.

    Hey guys, I use to play SoD years ago and decided to jump in again. The community is friendly as ever, and I'm glad to see the game is still very active and fun! I'm looking forward to wasting many hours of my life.
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