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    Ahh my fault. Yeah you have me beat. I have a 16MB onboard :dance:.
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    It's a pretty vague error so maybe running out of video memory isn't the only thing that causes it, but just for curiosity how much memory does your video card support?
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    Lucky for you I know exactly what causes this. You don't have enough video memory dude. Bump your desktop resolution down to 16bit and setup your Game options to run on 16bit as well. You may need to lower your desktop resolution. Taking off your desktop wallpaper may help. Last resort...
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    Keys, house

    dungeon keys ;)
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    Nuetral Political Poll !

    apparently I should vote for Nader :toot:
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    The Tale of Captain Venerate and the Evil Nerf

    Robots.txt just tells search engine robots (hence the name) which directories they should ignore while they are combing and indexing the site. It has absolutely nothing to do with actually displaying or hiding content once you already know the entire URL. The reason why your image links don't...
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    Why cant you raise all factions back up?

    i can kind of understand where you are coming from because I too am somewhat of a perfectionist (although no where near as much as you). My advice is to just focus on getting your newport faction back on track and take a gander at the newport ring quest. A while ago I killed the arena...
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    More Stanima on Raid Gear!

    fyi ur spelling 'stamina' wrong. :)
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    Russia vs Everyone else

    Russians told: vote for Putin's party ... or else - Times Online excerpt:
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    Game running horrible

    Just scanned the dbg.txt file but I didn't find the portion that reflected you getting kicked back to server screen. Perhaps if it's there and I missed it, just highlight it with a different color to draw attention to it so the people that know enough to respond can do so quickly.
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    Game running horrible

    I'm pretty sure we are on the same page but just for clarification... When you say 'crash', you mean booted the the server select screen right?
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    Game running horrible

    I have never found a way to fix the crashing while zoning issue. I also always play in windowed mode. If you want to play the game in fullscreen, disable the 'Use EQW' option in the Advanced portion of the SoD Patcher. That will run the real game executable directly instead of using EQW as a...
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    Zone Line Changes

    I have always, always had a problem zoning from Thurgadin to Crystal Caverns. I think it also works the same backwards. The zoning process flips me around most of the time and without looking at the map, it's hard to tell that you are facing the wrong way before you start running.
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    MoP protection??

    The disadvantages associated with MoP are far outweighed by the convenience it provides. If you don't want bad things to happen to you, then spend the extra 25 minutes riding boats around all day.
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    What would you like to see in Ikisith?

    Karnor's Castle
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    New Vendor Prices

    I am sorry to hear you are making more money than you should Felyn. I hope your actions lead to yet another nerf that affects everyone. Keep up the good work.
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    SoD Icon

    Nah don't bother then. Wasn't sure if there was something else I missed.
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    SoD Icon

    Can you edit your above post to include version 4 - Large? Thanks!
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    SoD Icon

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    SoD Icon

    Whatever works bro :) As long as it has layers.
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