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    Hanging my hat

    Hey all you sexy dalayans! Thank you all for the awesome server I've spent a ton of time here and made some really great memories. I really can't say enough how much fun it was! Anyhow I'm a lot more grown up than when I started playing. I have a kid and a wife now + I'm a foreman at a plastic...
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    If anyone cares eq2

    If anyone cares eq2 is giving away free lvl 100 boosts to everyone.. if anyone feels like giving it a go. I probably won't.. but I might just log on for a free boost idk lol
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    Zone issue

    So when I zone into darkwoods it's all bugged out graphics all glitchy can move or do anything. But I can camp in and out. I tried repairing and repatching still same. Anyway I could delete files just for that zone and like repatch or something? Anyways it let me neck out so in going to bed lol
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    Cleansing blow

    Was getting cleansing blow with a dead paladin corpse in group. Idk if it's intended or if anyone even cares it's kind of trival lol
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    Late night xp

    Looking for people to join me doing daily XP / plat farm Monday - Fri for about 2-3 hours after 1:00 am est "late night after work grind" need DPS but can use basically whatever/whoever. Contact me here or in game on crownk Ideally looking for lowbies/fresh 65's as I'll be working on my new cleric
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    12 man content

    Anyone working on content should consider making more 12 man stuff. Bring back nadox! But instead use real gear and regular game mechanics Any new content is awsome but some more 12 man stuff I think would benefit the game/players as a whole Could make it like a lower end back gear zone or a...
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    Looking for guild still

    Here again looking for a guild anyone need some warm blood behind a monitor hit me up. I been living up a cleric while I'm not in a guild doing anything so hit me up! Crownk 88 tome bard Toomy 19 tome ranger Cregory baby cleric I would consider just about any guild these days
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    Boo booo

    Boo boo I did my murk quests refugee quests main quest got vah back murk spell runic 1 and 2 a bunch of t11-13 geer 80+ tomes and no one to raid with and no way to progress... Sucks so much time invested and can't even do anything worthwhile.. not to mention the poor server pop... Well back to...
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    Ever need a bard

    Haven't been playing lately... Nothing much to do in game for me... Anyone ever need a bard for anything hit me up you can call or text... Or just fk with me lol I don't care... 330 949 0420 Also I work in the evening's 4-12 est m-f But yea raids or 6 man's or whatever not too concerned with...
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    So yea amazing bard looking for guild still if anything comes up? Crownk
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    Scrap Heap

    Is this zone basically worthless..?? Is the quest's broken? are there any rewards that anyone would use? or is it basically just a zone for slarr or whoever to test some puzzle games? any spoilers would be cool before i waist a bunch of time there... the xp is okay i guess mobs are kinda hardish
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    Oh my god its been broken for over 24 hours its the end of the world.. the proc does nothing just look at a galeforce on fomelo... plz plz plz fix this
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    bard heals

    I'm just about positive this has been mentions a few times.. But is there anyway we could make bard heals able to crit I have heal 1 and an eternal and I can't crit heal... This is just lame or is a bard that can crit heal just way to overpowered?
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    wtb junk tomes 3k

    listsend crownk junk tomes 3k each thanks
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    shrouded metal

    Hey nowim not 100% POSOTIVE if I'm allowed to ask for spoilers here but.I.can't fint shrouded metal anywere in shrouded isle I.been scouring that place for ages and its holding me back wikki lists it as a groundspawn any advices to help me get this would be a boon
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    Grobb zone woes

    First off I never have any troubles running this game my pc works damn near perfect with sod soooo... here goes.. I zoned into Grobb crashed reloaded crashed like 5 times each time I crashed I got the error message that says something along the lines of "your client crashed would you like...
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