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    Innate [Attribute] AAs not applied correctly in game

    I've noticed characters with 15 points in any of the Innate [Attribute] AAs (str, int, wis, etc.) only have 20 points added to the respective attribute in game, not 30. Fomelo correctly shows 30. Presumably this affects all characters with these AAs; it was true for two characters that I...
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    Patch Notes - August 31st, 2020

    Thanks to the staff for all the time they've been putting in updating the game. :) Following up from the last patch discussion: Is there any plan to refund the experience points from Hidden Strength or partially completed tomes? I see that Fomelo still displays Hidden Strength in the list of...
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    Balance rework and new players

    Removing the Codex of Power and rolling that bonus into other tomes (now AAs) was a nice change that alleviated some of the grind. It would be nice to see more, though! :)
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    Patch Notes - August 12th, 2020

    I have two characters affected by these changes: Cleric: Pre-patch 0 banked AA points No completed tomes 2/6 Hidden Strength (6 AA points) 62.32% progress into Tome of Exceptional Healing I Post-patch 0 banked AA points Hidden Strength is gone Main exp bar is 0% Shadowknight: Pre-patch 1...
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    Heads Up: Broken NPC Models and 2.5 Fix

    I'm confused as to what I should expect with the Daybreak client at this point. Here's what I've done: Install/download Daybreak (all 10 gigs!) Grab the most recent SoD patcher (v2.5 Version 1.0.3, according to the log) and drop it into the Daybreak directory. Run the patcher, make sure that...
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