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    because why not

    That gif made my day. Miss you Fipper, hope all is well. =)
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    The one month I don't read the forums Chefro pops up....
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    One time Solo was accepting bets in duels in Athica so I challenged him on my warrior , I fought hard and by hitting his pet used driving strike twice. He clickied me to death by the time I brought him to like 10%. Was hysterical, will be missed greatly.
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    Start Wearing Purple Dalayans! com/watch?v=SkkIwO_X4i4 Your welcome.
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    Start Wearing Purple Dalayans! com/watch?v=SkkIwO_X4i4 Your welcome.
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    Interest in low tier guidl that raids often

    Hello I'm sangku and i would like to form a guild of pleasant people that would like to raid EST nights. I have some raiding experience on SoD. I'd like to gauge interest on a new guild. Send me a PM, post a reply here, or contact Sangku in game. Thanks.
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    Log In Sever down atm?

    Think its due to a patch, they usually patch around 3am est on tuesdays. Not sure when the server will be up. =(
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    EQW cant get past EULA screen, SoD runs fine without EQW

    Are u running EQW from the patcher? or seperately? EDIT: by siezure screen do u meana full screen view in which if u try to alt tab it starts blnking non stop and such. If this is ur issue, make sure the window in front is ur current selected window.. ALT+ENTER to unfullscreen it... hope this...
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    I support this thread 100%!
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    Hi boys

    Welcome to Shards of Dalaya! This link is to the SoD wiki which you may find very useful. =)
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    If Drehar isn't on and your gonna rot earth artifacts I'd love to come in his place for em. Can also bring a box if needed. <3 (4 artifacts to go 2 from earth) P.S. I hate you Galsan =( EDIT: Sangku is sworn to Gradalish, so no entropy.
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    Bottlenecking Progress.

    I have your druid parked there, or did.... 4 artis to go.... 2 from earth -.-
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    This is true to an extent, but if your class is unable to heal itself... there is a lot of down time with bandaging =(, if i had a healer with me and duo'd frosthorn coast gnolls while they were Dark blue as compared to when i solo'd and bandaged. It moved a lot faster exp wise when Akeldama...
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    Bottlenecking Progress.

    I agree with Draeos, I'm curious as to which 6 man mobs u never find up though. Only one i've been having a really hard time finding is Tarlisha >.<. Maybe these ppl you find doing the content u seek with room in thier grp might let one of the ppl that u wanted to bring there tag along like...
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    65 Mage coming out of retirement, needs new home

    My suggestion for a guild for you is Prophecy although i am unsure if they are recruiting a mage for a raid spot, they are nice ppl and they do exp together. You can find more information about them via the guild list topic. Oh and check out Ikisith when u get the chance. The instance to get...
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    New Area Bonus and AAs

    I was told the area bonus resets after 50 AAs of exp, or every 10 lvls gained when lvling, although i do agree with Kedrin it may be a certain amount of time due to I have also logged into the game and received a msg sayin my area bonuses were reset. Or maybe it is exp based, and jus gives this...
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    I personally was able to lvl my warrior from 1-65 never having to box, but i was lucky and made a friend i met in Black burrow who was also new to SoD and he was a druid. So we lvled majority of it together. But having a box does help you out a lot, sometimes makes u more appealing to grp...
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    The wiki for SoD helped me out a good deal when i started to play.
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    Fitted Steel-Woven Mantle Focus Info Problems

    My only suggestion is to move your spell damage to another window to watch it without interruptions.
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    Halas Beastlord Newbie Armor

    I think i got this drop from one of the spiders in the tundra, i forgot which tbh, its been a year since i did this.
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