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    Class 1s and 2s

    Since Opus 1s and 2s and Class 3s and 4s now drop off of various trash, Class 2s are now the bottleneck, since they only drop off of certain bosses, and some of them can take forever to find without lots of tokening (haven't seen a Tool 2 for sale for about half a year, and that one sold right...
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    Nature Bane

    So I view this from the monk rogue perspective, and as such this is probably a little weak for an S&R topic, but I feel like a few items could use a bump as far as nature bane goes. As is, outside of maybe building an item through hunts, for these two classes, there are mainly maybe 3 realistic...
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    Resurgum is a raiding guild. They tend to hit targets as they are able, and usually begin in the 6-8 pm est range. For their class needs, applications and other info, go to Alternately you can find an officer online for more info. Braas (Seicair) or Marthog
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    Video card

    Idk if this is the right spot to post this question, but I'm looking to get a new graphics card for the machine I got a couple months ago. It's a Dell Inspiron 530 with a 300W power source, core 2 duo 2.4g processors...currently running 2gigs of ram, but will have 4 total in a couple days...
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    Wizard crit nuke problems

    On my character Scabbia, I upgraded my diety aug (Jayla aug, second to last one) in my charm about a week ago, maybe a little less, and I don't feel like I get nuke crits much at all all the sudden. I've been spamming RRR or moon comet sometimes, and I went over half a normal circuit in...
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    WTB Some Class Tomes

    WTB: Force of Body 2 Leyline Mastery 1 and 2 Third Monk 2 (if not ridiculously expensive. Basically just gonna use up my bank bag slot instead of yours, heh..) PM me or find me in game
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    Silence Nerf

    So without trying to sound too whiny here, what was the reason for the change? I kinda feel special, lol, since I might be the only main left that actually uses this item, but I'm not really a huge threat to outparse anyone with anywhere near comparable character development, so I kinda don't...
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    Sacred Band

    Sacred Band is a higher tier raiding guild, and we're currently looking for more to add to our raid force. We're currently on tier for Spires and Sanctum and are starting to work on Tur Ruj, CoD event, and mid to later Sanctum. Currently our raid nights are Sunday starting at 8pm EST, and...
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    Jayla quest problem

    I'm at the beginning of the quest where you get the two notes and hand them to the respective councilors Marek and Cillan. I honestly don't remember starting it in the first place, but the journal acts like I need to give them the notes. They wouldn't respond to me, and I didn't have the notes...
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    Swift like the Wind and Empower

    Gonna beat a dead horse and try this one last time. So while sitting in Athica blabbing in /gu I just had my relatively fresh soulbound empower overwritten by a shaman that was running around casting it on everyone, I can only guess to be a dick and have happen what just happened to me. I got...
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    Swift/Emp overwrite

    Is it possible to fix the fact that swift like the wind overwrites empower? I know it's been brought up before (didn't look very hard at all, but didn't see anything since 2009). Swift has the same haste % as emp (60%), but that's all it has. Emp also has 57 agi, 85-86 AC, 10 sta "regen"...
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    Platinum Band of Shojar

    Instead of bumping an old thread... This. Instead of a straight drop from a boss (and one of, if not the first one you come across in said zone as far as the ring being used for comparison) (but really even the clicky from lt fire has more hps at least) you need a straight drop from a...
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    MQ - Conking Mallet

    I'm currently on the part of the main quest where Krigok Prappit asks you to conk citizens from 4 certain towns until the mallet procs daze, then click the belt to "enslave" them. I tried the Newport citizen first and it procced on the second swing, enslaved, no problem. At that point my 2hb...
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    Another COI question

    So I was on the part "Studying the locals". I was prodded all of the wasps, bears, and bats I needed, but had only gotten 4 or 5 trees. I went back to Rinbo Strongfoot to get another feedback prod from him. Hailing him didn't give the option to get one, but last night rehailing him after...
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    65 Monk/ 67 aas LFG

    My monk on live raided for years. I just left my last guild here because of raid time conflicts. I usually can't get online before 9 or 10 cst (10 or 11est). I know that doesn't fit much raid-wise, but if there's anyone that could use me that late let me know, even if it's just doing maps or...
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    Captain Vazan's Strongbox

    Is the strongbox quest in Stormkeep broken? I've done the quest up to the final turn in, but when I hand Captain Vazan the Locked Strongbox he just gives it back. Am I missing something?
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