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  1. Thuug

    A couple SK thoughts, maybe bugs or suggestions if not bugs re new spell changes.

    As stated, half suggestion half wondering how these spells are supposed to work with the new direction spells are taking. Banshee Aura: this is a SELF ONLY damage shield with a 9 minute duration that ticks down when cast. (bug reported as well) Grim Aura: Self only attack buff with a 25 minute...
  2. Thuug

    BP thoughts

    Probably not worth anyone's time but I feel like bp proc rates need to be looked at, mostly older bps. The big example I keep thinking about specifically is Arubboth, Confine of the Soul [MAGIC] [LORE] [NO DROP] Slot: CHEST AC: 110 Effect: Drain Soul (Reactive Proc, 0.5%) Skill Mod...
  3. Thuug

    Random At Work Questions about Bows/Archery

    Hey I have some questions that I am trying to find definitive answers for that I could not find using the search function. I'm at work atm, so can't just jump on and test this stuff myself. Some are likely very easy to answer but I'd just like some confirmation. A) Bow hit is...
  4. Thuug

    Coat of Arms (Ranger Silent Spell)

    After playing around with this spell for a bit, I have some comments. In game description: +20% melee dps, 8pt damage shield and +162 ac Parser: same but only +48ac which is reflected in game. THOUGHTS: I like the concept of this spell, giving rangers a 'tank' stance type of effect, however...
  5. Thuug

    Blackscale/COI Final aug level

    Silver Crown has one level of aug beyond that of the other two factions with a solid increase in stats. Probably back burner but, I'd really like to see the other two factions brought up to parity.
  6. Thuug


    Can Shadowstorm be changed to summon a stack of arrows as the description indicates, instead of just a single arrow. I hope it was just overlooked in the last stack update:P
  7. Thuug

    Agni stealth nerfed.

    Was this intentional? It has been a well over 1 ratio for (at least) a few months now. After the last patch it is now back to a 1/1 ratio that it had in like 2014, with the same proc rate. Was it overpowered before? It is certainly underpowered now for something of that difficulty to get...
  8. Thuug

    WTB Vessel and Yaulp VI, cheapish

    I am a poor, down-on-my-luck troll, who has not a lot of cash but I have a cleric friend I wish to impress with my largess and awesomeness, hence the need for these two spells. Let me know what you are asking either through PM or listaend it to the character THAAG and I will respond as quickly...
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