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  1. Melodico

    Reign of Darkness

    This game was just released into 'alpha' testing on steam and is $20. It presents as a decent mix of dnd style RPG. Has a small but active team supporting it, just one main dev. Gameplay includes lvl 1 - 100, instanced dungeons w difficulty settings (4), a seemingly detailed crafting system...
  2. Melodico

    Buying Tome(s) - Frost 2

    Buying: Tome of Frost Mastery 2 at 8k please PM me on forums to arrange sale (I often miss unexpected listsolds)
  3. Melodico

    Relic spells - drop rate

    Hello - Recently, we have seen a variety of discussions about easing the progression curve in the game for new comers. With this sentiment in mind, I want to propose an unoriginal idea regarding relic drops. Currently, no active guilds kill things on tier at T8 or below. Anything that is...
  4. Melodico

    WTS Tomes

    WTS Tomes - Striking II -- 15k Elemental Resists II -- 6k PM me w/ name of char to listsend to.
  5. Melodico

    WTS: Blade of the Prime Animaton - 25k each

    $$ billz y`all DM me
  6. Melodico

    WTB tomes - Blood Ritual 2, Resilience 2, Avoidance 2, Crit Evo 2, Vitality 2

    Buying tomes: Blood Ritual II - 12 k Bodily Resilience II - 11k Bodily Avoidance II - 11k Crit Evo II - 16k Vitality II - 12k Please listsend to Tugger or PM me on forums. Cheers~
  7. Melodico

    Deity Quests - good, bad, ugly

    Hello Dalayans - Recently contemplating areas of the game I have yet to fully explore, Deity quests popped out as something I've mostly avoided. Wanting to explore these quests and advance a few characters' augs, I am seeking your feedback. Hopefully, some of this upcoming exploration can be...
  8. Melodico


    Nioh's official release was this past Tuesday. This PS4 game is similar to dark souls with heavy samurai action. Deep layers of content, stemming from a decade's worth of development. Favorite part so far is that this game is challenging. No multitasking, no side convo, if you stop paying...
  9. Melodico

    randomly announces pug placeholder

    Thanks to all in attendance, we killed 5 named in approx 3 hours. Looking forward to running another event in the near future. Hope to see you there! -Yursio
  10. Melodico

    T8 PuG sunday 2pm central

    Hello friends Frost / ToT hit 3 bosses ntb see ya at the next one
  11. Melodico

    adios amigos

    I have decided to depart from SoD. A new job and other prospects irl have left me with far less time than an SoD habit allows. To the many friends encountered along the way, it was a blast! Thanks for putting up with my vent ramblings. (There once was a man named Nurgath...) To folks who...
  12. Melodico

    Weekend PuGs

    Hi folks -- doing weekend pugs on T11 ish content for the near future. Saturday 4/23 -- 1pm eastern Meeting ath fisher, targets depend on whats up and strength of force. Yursio / Pazms
  13. Melodico

    Mace of Diversion - Faction Bound?

    Does anyone know of a possible Faction Bound version of this mace? I have it on the SK and would like to go about getting it faction bound and posting the info on the wiki. Simply looking for pointers in regards to mobs to turn it into. For reference, the SK is Giant Ally.
  14. Melodico

    High Tier Raid quirks

    This is a list of things that could use adjusting to firm up mechanics of a few fights. Lets acknowledge a few things first: These suggestions have probably been discussed in some format previously. 2.5 is taking priority, and that's understood. This conversation is not mutually exclusive...
  15. Melodico

    The Mistborn

    MB is due to spawn Tuesday 5/12 between 1pm - 7pm cst Who wants to kill it? Lets form up, call ourselves Obama squid (or w/e cool nickname you prefer) and kill it
  16. Melodico

    Melek Taus

    MT is due to spawn Tuesday 5/12 between 10am - 4pm cst Who wants to kill it? Lets form up, call ourselves Obama squid (or w/e cool nickname you prefer) and kill it
  17. Melodico

    Abs + bard DA

    A strat that has been used w great success on phased fights is to group wizards and a bard, begin abs. and then follow it w group DA. Is this a legit strat or is this another example of "exploiting"?
  18. Melodico

    lvl 53 nec spell Convergence (rez) Currently, the necro rez has a reagent of a ruby, as well as a 6 second cast time and a 20 sec cooldown. I request that the cooldown be eliminated. The "cost" of the spell remains with the reagent, and I feel that wipe recovery on...
  19. Melodico

    Selling group DB

  20. Melodico

    Zone Curiosity

    A question many of us may have asked ourselves at one point or another: Are there active zones that have yet to be discovered? The loading screen teases it with a caption reading: "They haven't found the hidden zone.... yet" However this caption could be dated. Zones such as Temple of Elael...
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