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    Smithing T2 augs - Glowing Yclistinite

    Okay, so by far & away this is the worst aug to try to make. Jeweling augs. Oh, hey, get some diamonds, make molten cores, boom, done. Tailoring, oh, it's hard, so just swap furs, you're golden, make great augs! Smithing. See those molten cores? Still need them. Mine Deepmetal at 2% rate...
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    Prestige is a casual raiding guild, currently just starting over. Our primary focus is not raiding, but to play SoD to have fun. If you're looking for a hard core guild, you're looking in the wrong place. We will raid, once we get a force. and will probably get scummed in for rots in raids...
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    Adding tomes to Crumbling maps

    I completely understand lorewise why the Gleaming Vah sword thing should never be on Crumbling maps. The Vah have absolutely nothing to do with the lore of Ikisith. However, these maps are a part of Ikisith lore, so adding in tome drops (NOT OPUSES!) seems to make sense to me. Especially if...
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    Platinum Fire Emerald Necklace vendor price

    Okay, since I was told it's due to a "plat sink", I logged every other jewel to vendor. Why this one combine is not in line with every other jewel from emerald to black sapphire is beyond me. I've bugged it, someone else has bugged it, so here's proof that the price should be in line with the...
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    Known installation quirks

    Once you receive your e-mail accepting you to beta, it will contain a download link. First VERY important thing is DO NOT RENAME THE .exe FROM sodpatcher. Rename your 2.0 install so you can keep them separate, but not the new one. For now, it gets super cranky if you do that. It's a good...
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    Inability to sell arrows

    While I actually like the archery revamp, to where it makes sense, the inability to sell *any* type of arrow combine back just makes zero sense to me. I can see selling at a loss, I'm used to that. But even skilling up to the 50's, I have to hope people want the low level quivers at a lost on...
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    Seriously, whose brilliant idea was it to add a recommended level to this stuff? Yes, I know it's twink gear, yes, I know that it's awesome pet gear, etc. As a young druid, I sold berries & bone chips to pay 25pp to Uboh for my first mithril scimitar. I think I got it at around level 14...
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    Deepmetal Weapons

    I'll be quite honest in saying that myself & every other smith that I've talked to on the server are so disappointed in these items. While I understand the intent, the vendor price is entirely too low (below the cost to make them) and the stats compared to what you can buy for what they're...
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    Awesome weapon, but I think the recast on the clicky is a bit off. [MAGIC ITEM] [LORE ITEM] [NO DROP] Slot: Primary Secondary Focus Effect: Tarhyl's Rage Effect: Burning Aura (Clicky2, 0.5) STA: +20 CHA: +25 WIS: +20 INT: +20 HP: +190 MANA: +251 SV FIRE: +28 Spell Ward: +3% WT: 1.5...
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    Beguling Blade broken for me

    Completing the first part of Beguiling Blade has apparently not flagged me to talk to Goplen for second phase, Ancient Gruploks. Have item in bank, successfully completed, if someone could take a look, would be nice. I do believe Antinnia is suffering from this as well.
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    House slots for donators

    While I understand things that aren't going to happen with donators, I'm requesting that donator personal storage be able to hold lore/no drop items. Not sure how much of a pain this would be to code, since every account shares a house, and obviously you don't want quest drops transferred...
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    Strands of Silk and Frost bug

    I got the quest, killed the icy creepers, turned in five silks. Quest remains active, and on hail, High Trader Dreina wants more. Please check my flags? SS of turn in, etc.
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    Enforcer's Guard

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not ripping on this item. What I'm going to go off about is it's vendor price compared to deepmetal. Stats. Enforcer's Guard [MAGIC ITEM] [LORE ITEM] [NO DROP] Slot: Back Secondary AC: 50 STR: +15 STA: +15 AGI: +11 Damage Reduction: +3 WT: 15.0 Size: Large...
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    Deepmetal armor

    I stock when I get around to it, but actually stocked BP's. 1400 on smalls, 1800 on mediums, 2500 on legs, 4k on BP (have both chain & plate BP's). /cm listsold KARALYNNE, not me. :P
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    Ever thought your life sucked?

    Try this guy's.. who remains positive through it all. Hotwheelz (named for his wheelchair)
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    Prestige spells

    Okay, so most are on listsolds, if not, then PM me, I'll send over, will keep this updated as much as I can... I kinda guessed at most prices, if there's an issue, feel free to let me know! Listsolds are Presty, Prestie, and Prestey! Bard - Song: Tunes of Apathy (62) - 175pp - Song...
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    Shared video memory & SoD

    So, I'm buying a new laptop. Unfortunately, due to needing struts & rear brakes on my car, I can't afford to throw out $2k like Xardon did for a super nice one. The machine I'm looking at has 4 gig RAM, ATI RADEON HD 3200 graphics RS780M, with up to 1918MB shared video memory. I have a...
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    Listsold bug!

    Dunno if someone official wants to post, stickie, whatever, but listsold has been bugging out. If someone /auc to sell, and you can't see it, go to your house. It is up to date. Cities are not. Level 20 /cm housekey. Donators, any level.
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    Smithing molds, maybe easy fix?

    I'm always trying to help new smiths, as much of a bitch as I come off as most of the time. I tell them what to stock, what sells, etc. Lately, most of my replies have been, "I'd like to make that, but mold isn't in <insert city>." Well, molds are there, but they're way below the chain armor...
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    PS3 Co-Op games

    Anyone have any recommendations for good PS3 Co-op games? Since apparently I just ordered a second controller because I'm tired of waiting my turn...
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