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  1. robopirateninja

    SoD Media Megathread

    As referenced here: this shall now be a megathread for SoD images and videos. To get us started, some screenshots! First, an image from Gm-Fika's Dare Game. I was challenged to roleplay a princess trapped in Fearstone Castle. Only the...
  2. robopirateninja

    Caster Chest Slots

    Intelligence casters are arguably the most powerful magic wielders in Dalaya. Enchanters can enslave the minds of powerful demons or monsters, Necromancers can tear souls from the realm of the dead to animate corpses, Wizards channel fucking comets of ice out of the sky, and Mages can control...
  3. robopirateninja

    Cooking with Tyrone

    I'm not a chef I'm just a dude who watches a lot of food TV so prepare these recipes at your own risk CARROT SOUP A few nights ago I got around to making up a batch of carrot soup to use up some carrots. Measurements are weird because my kitchen is weird. 1 cookie sheet of carrots 1 onion A...
  4. robopirateninja

    Safe Point in ToT

    The safe point in Tower of Tarhyl seems to set you up for a 20k fall. Could it be moved to somewhere else?
  5. robopirateninja

    Tyrone's Tasty Loots

    Prices Negotiable. Burning Sash of the Elements - 4k AC: 20 Damage Increment 5 15str; 9dex; 10 cha; 10wis; 9 agi; 80hp; 80mana RNG MNK BRD ROG BST SPELLS LISTING /cm listsold Levar most of them are on there Name Level (Price) Bard Tunes of Apathy 62 (120) Beastlord Spiritual bliss 64 (600)...
  6. robopirateninja

    Djari Sutra

    This item comes from Caliph Askaril in ToT, the boss of the third tribe: Djari Sutra Primary Secondary Focus Effect: Companion Health 7 Clicky Effect: Cajoling Whispers (low level charm) WIS/INT: 12 CHA: 25 HP: 120 MANA: 160 MR: 7 CR: 7 CLR DRU SHM NEC WIZ MAG ENC While I did get a big 'ol...
  7. robopirateninja


    <Fusion> is a lvl 65 raiding guild. We raid tiers We are a friendly guild and raid 4 nights/wk, members are expected to make all raids. If you apply expect to raid with us a minimum of 3 times before being tagged. Fusion is currently recruiting: 2 Cleric 1 Enchanter We want people to MAIN...
  8. robopirateninja

    Relic: Lure of the Void

    The relic spell Lure of the Void seems to be unaffected by magic damage focuses, though regular Damage increment works fine. Daytime in Great Divide on various light blue harthuk mobs no dmg inc, no magic focus: 2500 damage VII, no magic focus: 3024 damage VII, magic focus: 3024 I had similar...
  9. robopirateninja

    Fusion Spellbank is back!

    After a brief hiatus, Fusion spell bank is back! Spells will be dealt with approximately whenever I have time, which should be 3-4 times per week. A few spells and items will be available on Autha listsold. Spell list will be updated every couple days! To purchase a spell, post here, with the...
  10. robopirateninja

    Parcelan the Devourer's loot- No aug slots?

    Symbol of Banishment that drops off of Parcelan The Devourer in Dragon Necropolis doesn not have an aug slot. Since it is not named "shard" or "crystal" or anything of the sort, and has a ring graphic, should it also have a type 3 aug slot, or is it an intentional omission? The same goes for...
  11. robopirateninja

    Trouble with Combine turnin

    I collected enough combine gems to upgrade my Ornate Stormwoven Silk Robe, and everything went fine. When I went back last night to upgrade my Ornate Stormwoven Silk Leggings, the elemental returned the legggings and two Peerless Lavastones to me. I have the Sundered Amulet in my inventory, but...
  12. robopirateninja

    Silk Sash of the Tactician

    The belt's Recovery II says (combat) after it, which leads me to think it might not be working properly.
  13. robopirateninja

    Earthweave leggings

    The earthweave leggings are a balanced item from a fun encounter. My only complaint is that the treeform clicky buff renders our healers MONSTROUSLY huge. Is there any chance it could be changed to be more of a sapling, or even just the same illusion as the spirit of the earthmother aa? As it...
  14. robopirateninja


    What exactly does the channeling skill for spellcasters do? I've heard that it only affects fizzling spells, but I have also heard that it may prevent interrupts.
  15. robopirateninja

    Soulbond buffs overwritten when max buffslotted

    "a soulbonded spell cannot be dispelled and remains when the target dies" is the description of the soulbond aa. When your buffslots are full a debuff cast by a mob will take up the first slot in your buffbar dispelling whatever is there, whether it is soulbonded or not, defeating half of the...
  16. robopirateninja

    Alter Plane: Nightmare

    I would like to request that wizards be added to this spell as currently it cannot be scribed.
  17. robopirateninja

    Main Quest issue: Can't learn history

    For some reason my friend's human monk cannot get the "you have learned about x" notes at the end of talking to the NPCs for the second part of the main quest. She completed the first part successfully and got the gemstone/book before moving on with the rest of our group, who have had no issues.
  18. robopirateninja

    Cannot load eqw.dll

    I have been playing SoD on this laptop for a month and experienced no problems, however today when I reached the EQW screen and launched EQW I got an error that it could not load "eqw.dll" I checked the EQW folder where I have the SoD patcher installed, and the eqw.dll file IS there. I...
  19. robopirateninja

    Wizard Starfall

    It seems to be that the rewards for the Wizard Starfall quests are kind of wonky. The helm seems to be pretty crappy, considering that at least one of the mobs you have to kill to get it (A Froglok Magician) is a dark blue con to me at level 31, and the item it drops seems to be pretty damn...
  20. robopirateninja

    Application generated an exception

    I downloaded the EQ trilogy and he sodpatcher, but I ran sodpatcher before I patched the EQ expansions. After updating EQ, I tried to run sodpatcher, and I get an error message of "Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id=0xf3c (3900), Thread i=0xd4(212)."
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