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  1. Syalara

    Tradeskill Macro Checks

    I have leveled 3 miners to max skill (don't ask) and a fisherman so I have seen my fair share of macro checks and have some thoughts on the system. 1. The system in and of itself is intimidating to new players. Several times a week in DB I see people panicking about the checks and freaking out...
  2. Syalara

    Angry Pig Armory (WTS/WTB)

    Current AP Vendors Jenina - Imphide Armor Saladim - Deepmetal Plate + Shield Saladum - Deepmetal Chain Retta - Type 2 Exquisite Augs (AC, HP, Mana) Filling custom High-End Armor orders. PM Syalara here with what you want and who we should contact in game for payment. Orders are generally...
  3. Syalara

    Santas Burlap Sack/Sack of Holding

    I have been trying to work out why these items are Lore flagged and have come up with no real reasons. At 7k+ it would make an ideal plat sink and this game sure could use a few more of those. I thought it was lore (right or wrong) so it did not make dropped WR bags meaningless...however by...
  4. Syalara

    Mumble lag/distortion

    Howdy I can't imagine this is the case, but these issues may be isolated to me and a friend of mine. We quite often get chat lag and voices cutting out while using the Mumble server. Sometimes we do not and the chat is crystal clear...more often then not however either I cant understand him or...
  5. Syalara

    Recent changes to Thaz gear..long post

    ...have kinda jacked progression. There is no real reason to equip most of the class specific wizard loots atm, even the upgraded versions. I dont know if other classes share the same issue but I am gonna wing it and say they do. Personally, I will only talk about Wizard items cause those I am...
  6. Syalara

    Emblem of the Elders

    This is a decent item however it has a clicky (Fulmination) that is often rendered nearly ineffective....a 2 tick duration nuke dmg increase that more often then not lasts one tick due to timing between when the effect hits a mob and the server goes into its next tick. Considering wizard archaic...
  7. Syalara

    For Sale

    [url=] Clicky the link. Yaltics - 9000 Vambraces - 500 Girdle - 3000 Endless Suffering - 1500 Ashenstrike - 1500 Crystalline Bow - 400 Frostweavers Cloak - 1000 Plat Diamond ring - 2200 SBB - 1350 Cool ass boots - 10k hi2u riposte mod...
  8. Syalara

    illusion Rings

    Specifically Ring of the Betrayer from a VD (iirc) map but it may effect others. I was hoping this ring could revert to its original form, when I first got it ages ago, I was able to Illusion: Dark Elf anyone in my group or raid. Somewhere along the line it was changed to Self only. I know its...
  9. Syalara

    Tomes and Adventure Bands

    Couple of things I have noticed and I dont know if its just me somehow or more widespread. 1) If I dont click my tome every time I zone or relog for PL, I get no Tome xp. This pretty much sucks 17 types of ass cause I am lacking in the short term memory department. Anyway, I just wanted to be...
  10. Syalara

    WTB - Tailoring Mats - WTS Highend Tailored Items

    WTB: Balsam 15p each or 325/stack *PRICE RAISED Temporarily. Kedgewater 125 each Si'thri Silk/Spiderkin Silk 75p each updated price Ice Kobold Fur/Stormwolf Fur 75p each updated price Ancient Treant Leaves 350 each Giant Asp Skin 700 each Send to Safiya anytime SELLING: Exceptional Quality...
  11. Syalara

    Unspent AA's

    This has been brought up before in various threads in one form or another but I have a couple of thoughts on what to do w/ unspent AA's. 1) For 200 unspent AA's you can request a perma race change (same as in the GM held raffles, no bonuses from new race) 2) For 350 you can request some kind of...
  12. Syalara

    Valor B loot

    Ok, as I understand it, the names in B have something like a 70% chance to drop 2 loots, with 30% chance of dropping one. It seems to be higher to drop one loot, though we could just be unluckyish. This was done to supposedly balance the fact that there arent alot of trash mobs leading up to...
  13. Syalara

    raid XP

    Not too long ago, the xp from raid trash/mobs was reduced significantly. I always thought one of the main goals of SoD was to offer different avenues for xp to suit varying playstyles. IE, if you tradeskill, you can xp your character at the same time and such. however the xp from raid...
  14. Syalara

    Valorium Reinforced Leggings

    I think this is a decent item for the risk/reward however I would like to see the weight drop a tad. It only weighs 2.3 stone which dosent seem like alot, but for monk usable legs it is. None of the other classes that can use this item would care if its 2.3 or 20 but reducing the weight even...
  15. Syalara

    Item with no Race listing (FR Loot)

    Greaves of Putrification AC: 27 Sta 7 Str 7 Cha 10 wis 10 agi 7 HP 75 Mana 35 SvM 6 Classes: WAR PAL CLR RNG BRD SHM SHD Race: None Just saw this drop in FR and was hoping some Races could be added. Thanks.
  16. Syalara

    MQ - Unfolding Portal

    High Seeker Gavin just sent me to FR for the unfolding portal, yet the zone is currently being revamped. Is it currently found in FR or has it been relocated?
  17. Syalara

    Shadowsilk Graphic

    Leggings are black which makes sense to me being Shadowsilk and all, but the tunic looks like a generic leather shirt, brown and well...unnactrive. The arms and bracer also share this graphic and I dont think it does the items justice at all. Maybe its different for other races idk, im...
  18. Syalara

    **Buying** Spells + Hides + Misc. Drops WTS Augs n Packs

    Buying -------- Spell: Lure of the Elements Spell: Frost Howl Spell: Chaos Vortex Grizzly Pelts 10p each ------------------------------------------ Giant Blood 40p a stack ------------------------------------ Tangleweed (PLEASE!) 400p a stack...
  19. Syalara

    Council of Innovation faction quest question..(wisps)

    From the wiki..... Nablet's Everburning Pedestal blah blah blah... You say, 'Do you have any guesses?' Junior Researcher Nablet nods several times, 'Oh yes, yes I do. I think that the key to powering might be the essence of a wisp. The light carries certain spectral similarities with...
  20. Syalara

    Funny stuff

    So some dude asks in /ooc why his money disapeared. Turns out yes it was in his shared far, nothing unusual. He then says it was 50kp and the bullshit radar goes off. He goes on to say he was giving it to his new monk. So................. Here I am in SNP wondering how on...
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