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    No class should be balanced around one AA

    I havent played this game regularly in months. I must have confused the exorbidant # of hitpoints mage pets used to have (40,000) with the amount of damage their DBs do. Clearly I am a liar and a terrible person. You should neglect balancing a game that hundreds of people play because of your...
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    No class should be balanced around one AA

    I dunno Vell, I'm totally uninterested in any sort of healing buffs or abilities. Valdian was offered some half-assed healing pet. He shot it down and now he has a pet that does FORTY THOUSAND POINTS of damage, even if the actual number is 24k. I mentioned flying kicks on a necro pet because...
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    No class should be balanced around one AA

    alright sounds great ttyl xoxo
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    No class should be balanced around one AA

    The opinion you've all been waiting for: Hello champions, friends - I am the King-Shit, #1. I believe removing festering curse and buffing all dots across the board is acceptable. I don't like the runic 2 (lifetap overtime for caster/pet) - The mana cost is too high to use in most...
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    just don't get any in my eyes!
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    pagloac runic2, probably ready to be bumped up to #2?
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    GLORAX AND CYCLONUS RAID ITEMS CLAIMED: Envenomed Droplet for cyclonus Slippers of the Murky Venom for pagloac All droppable loots and pp
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    9/28 LT EARTH

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    9/28 UT earth

    GLORAX AND CYCLONUS PRESENT: AN AFTERNOON IN UT EARTH! Claimed loots are as follows: Chain sleeves off Landslide, Archaic frags for clerics, all droppable loot including essences! The remaining loot will be rolled on.
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    WTS Bound Blood-tipped [Breast] Plates, RARE based CLICKIE

    SOLD This RARE breastplate has the same clickie as the mantle of the forest; a small AC/DS buff that stack's with most others. The stats are: CHEST Effect: Spikecoat (casting time 5 sec) AC: 42, STR +5, DEX +15, STA +20, AGI +5, HP +90, mana +55 Recommended level of 65. Class: WAR...
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    When me and Solosolki get AoD we go insane and high five each other. Then we both point at the enchanter who gave it to us, give him a thumbs up, and wink - all at the same time, just like the statue of Jesus in the Kevin Smith movie, Dogma
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    Class Top 5 List (Thade version)

    Glorax has SOA
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    Cmal Summoner Loot Poof

    My real UI is on my other computer, so that's just the standard one loosely tossed around.
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    Cmal Summoner Loot Poof

    Sorry in advance if this isn't the right forum for this, but I looted some kicks off the Summoner last night and they poofed off my shaman (Pagloac) here is the screen:
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    Gold Band of Shojar Slot Error

    The Gold Band of Shojar no longer has an item slot (such as finger) and it can longer be equiped. Maelin had been wearing his for a while, but now he can't use it at the moment.
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    Marlow Deity quest rewards

    Quick question: Was dropping 8 charisma between the second to last aug and the final marlow aug an intentional design of the quest rewards? It would seem that the charisma should have been upped from 8 to 10 like most of the other stats, rather than taking it down to 0.
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    RL Pic Thread ( new one )

    Glorax at a concert. With a lady. Rocking the sax at a gig on Halloween. Band photos (I'm on the right side in both pictures).
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