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    PoFear feedback

    Please note on the Sands, the enchanter was using relic mez, then tash, then remez, and sometimes before I could get it tashed, the mez was already broken. So yes, relic mez *will* mez them, but sometimes it's for a whopping 30 seconds. If not tashed, then mem blur won't land, and dead...
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    Top End Dungeons

    Sorc Lab: It's not a top tier dungeon, but one that used to be farmed, now is not. You go there for three reasons: Thurg Bounty Quest, CoI, or you're a tradeskiller. Fur droprate seems horrible now. Not saying this because I buy them and no one is selling, I have attempted to farm, but it...
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    Smithing T2 augs - Glowing Yclistinite

    Exactly. Not only do you need the same molten cores with liquid gold, then you also have the wax, another what, almost 300pp on top, and need two of them? I know limestone & coal are cheap, but that stuff adds up. T2 - Deepmetal (horrible to mine), molten core (liquid gold, lava dust, essence...
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    Smithing T2 augs - Glowing Yclistinite

    Okay, so by far & away this is the worst aug to try to make. Jeweling augs. Oh, hey, get some diamonds, make molten cores, boom, done. Tailoring, oh, it's hard, so just swap furs, you're golden, make great augs! Smithing. See those molten cores? Still need them. Mine Deepmetal at 2% rate...
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    Policy Questions Thread

    Exactly. A friend from SoD stayed at my place once, and we had 2 each on, they do have tests to make sure it's just two per person. :)
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    More Bank Slots

    Yes, your house works like shared bank, unless you put no drop items in there. You can choose to share things, etc., IIRC.
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    Account Recovery

    Your forum account back then (I see a post from November of 2008) is probably linked to your email at that time. Go under your account settings to see if that's the email address?
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    More Bank Slots

    Use your house for extra storage?
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    grrrr missing files

    Hmal files
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    Sound problems

    Take a look at the sounds folder under your SoD directory. Also, make sure that in your eqclient.ini that you have the line Sound=TRUE .
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    SOD 2.5 Window Toggle Workaround

    It was pointed out to me that WinEQ2 isn't approved, so I stopped using it. The second client doesn't freeze up anymore even without it anoymore.
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    What are your 2.5 "Pro Tips"?

    Grinkles, Filters are just whacked right now. I have like 8 windows just so I can try to minimize the spam.
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    God help us, its a BST thread

    Is this different in 2.5? Because in 2.0 you got spammed every time you logged in if you haven't bound your warder (source - level 23 beastlord alt & 65 beastlord buffbot, neither have warder bound). I'll check tonight.
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    technical difficulties all of a sudden....

    I edited as I hit enter, make sure that you don't have that box checked.
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    technical difficulties all of a sudden....

    So you can patch, get to account login, and then you can't connect? That's a bit different than what you are saying. Make sure that you didn't accidentally check the box that says Use EQEmu for Login.
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    The 2.5 Bug List

    Weird, both single & group druid ports work fine for me.
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    The 2.5 Bug List

    SoS is fine, I live there. I can't check until later tonight on group ports, but I know I've seen adept killers in the zone since 2.5 for Redmaw. If are having issues with zoning in (no zone file), this thread has those zone files (as well as the EPL ones, and RSP ones).
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    grrrr missing files

    Here's the Lavastorm files for the RSP issue.
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    SOD 2.5 Window Toggle Workaround

    I haven't messed with setting any hotkeys with WinEQ2, but I did download the free version & it seems to have fixed my issue with the second client freezing up when a char on the other client zones or dies! I'm too used to ALT TAB, so it doesn't bother me.
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