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    Jontrann's Jailing, a response.

    I wasn't even going to make a post about this until i saw that rule 11 thread. Quite frankly I am just done with this server but I still have friends here who enjoy it so I'm going to post the whole story. This will be rather long and cover multiple issues about not only my problems with the...
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    <Dumpster Fire>

    <Dumpster Fire> is a T11/12 social guild with a strong focus on progression. We have scheduled raids 2-3 nights a week between 7-8pm EST and many unscheduled goings ons around approximately the same time on off nights. Loot is assigned by council based on attendance, loot history, and how good...
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    bane of the fallen god (2hs)

    i dont usually make posts on here but i thought this idea might be good enough to share. now that enchanters have their own 4.3 weapon because them using the bane sword was too strong can we please make the 2h bane sword usable by all the other classes listed on it? i was thinking that the item...
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